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Who will win the Formula One US Grand Prix?

  • Verstappen

    Votes: 872 56.3%
  • Hamilton

    Votes: 390 25.2%
  • Bottas

    Votes: 65 4.2%
  • Norris

    Votes: 72 4.6%
  • Pérez

    Votes: 58 3.7%
  • Sainz

    Votes: 11 0.7%
  • Leclerc

    Votes: 37 2.4%
  • Ricciardo

    Votes: 22 1.4%
  • Somebody else

    Votes: 22 1.4%
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Misc F1 2019 Great Britain realistic sponsors update 2.0

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RAYNERPS3235 submitted a new resource:

F1 2019 Great Britain realistic sponsors update - Add this mod to have Silverstone with the real life gp sponsors

You can support me donating HERE

With this mod you have:
Emirates FLY BETTER bridge between turns 5 and 6 updated to make it match with real life
Fanatec boards switched to Heineken boards
CSG boards switched to When you drive never drink boards
F1 2019 Boards switched to Johnie Walker boards
Decal on Maggots and beckets removed
F1TV Boards switched to DHL boards
Pictures soon¡

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Thanks mate for your great work.
You make this game much more realistic. Hope to see more from you in the future for the rest of the circuits.

Wish you a nice weekend
Greetings from Germany
RAYNERPS3235 updated F1 2019 Great Britain realistic sponsors update with a new update entry:

F1 2019 Great Britain realistic sponsorboards update by RAYNERPS3235

2.0 versión avoid the game getting stucked on loading screen after a race on the versión 1.05 of the F1 2019 Game
Quality of Emirates FLY BETTER sponsors increased

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