F1 2019 Classic cars replace modern (with car swap tutorial)

Misc F1 2019 Classic cars replace modern (with car swap tutorial) 1.0

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StrongestFish submitted a new resource:

F1 2019 Classic cars replace modern mod - Classic is alive

This is a mod which adds classic cars to main career instead of modern!

Only sounds and visuals changed! Full performance and handling characteristics saved from modern for correct balance between teams.

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Full list of replaced cars:
Mercedes - Brawn
Ferrari - Ferrari 2004
Red Bull - Red Bull 2010
McLaren - McLaren 2008
Toro Rosso - McLaren 1988 in memory of Honda glory
Renault - Renault 2006

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[QUOTE = "StrongestFish, post: 3106815, membro: 296050"]
Non lo so, ma probabilmente copia i parametri del cambio da F2 xml a F1 xml.
Quale è la stringa del cambio?
Is there a way to put f1 2017 cars instead of the classic cars?
Because i saw that there are also f1 2018 cars in this game.
Yes, but some cars may don't work for unknown reasons.
And also it is forbidden to upload on Racedepartment, because of conversion between games not permitted.
Example with Ferrari 2017. This mod was deleted by moderators.