F1 2019 Car Launch: Mercedes W10

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The most successful team of the hybrid turbo era have revealed their new car - welcome to the world the Mercedes-AMG Petronas W10.

Looking set to defend their 2018 Drivers and Constructors World Championship with an unchanged line-up of newly minted five-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton once again alongside Finnish team-mate Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes have revealed the new W10 at Silverstone earlier today - taking the opportunity to not only show off the new car, but to record some initial laps at the British circuit ahead of shipping out for pre-season testing later this month.

Much like Red Bull, Mercedes have taken the opportunity to shake down the new car under filming conditions at the home of the British Grand Prix, using specially fitted Pirelli tyres and keeping running under 100km, in a bid to perform last minute system checks and ensure no initial teething troubles crop up with the new machine prior to serious running taking place over at Barcelona in just a few days time.

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The 2019 season will be a new challenge for all of us,” said Toto Wolff, Team Principal & CEO. “The regulations have changed quite substantially. We have to start from scratch, we need to prove ourselves again – against our own expectations and against our competitors. We start the season with zero points, so we’re taking nothing for granted and there’s absolutely no feeling of entitlement to be at the front. In fact, with the regulation change for the new season, every team can have a shot at the title and we’re seeing all of them as a potential threat.”

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“Regulation changes are both opportunity and threat,” said Technical Director James Allison. “They are an opportunity because all the old assumptions about what you need to have to be quick are swept away and, if you are fleet of foot and smart in dealing with that, you can do better than all the other teams that are tackling the same change. They are a threat because if you are not as smart and you didn’t see how to make the most of these new regulations, then you’ll certainly suffer in the coming season. But they are always exhilarating because you have that sharp sense of anxiety that you might not be doing enough but equally the thrill and excitement of looking forward to finding out.”

The new car obviously takes advantage of the latest technical regulations, however perhaps most notable is a very nice new take on the traditional Silver Arrows colour scheme, Mercedes coming out with a refreshed design that looks very neat and impressive on the new car - one of my favourite designs revealed so far!

To check out when the next cars are set to be revealed, and how to watch it all unfold live, check out THIS LINK.

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Sep 27, 2009
Mar 4, 2016
In my opinion the first good looking Mercedes F1 car since 2013 and probably my favourite of their F1 liveries. This might actually be my favourite livery of 2019. If someone told me that a few weeks ago I really wouldn't have believed them.

Koen Verlinde

Sep 12, 2011
They said that 2019 cars would look very different from 2018. Well I must be blind cause I ain't seeing any significant difference.


SimRacing 604
Feb 18, 2017
I like it! It's not flashy or a bold change, but I think it's a nice looking car. It blends the Halo well


Jun 28, 2017
A little disappointing that they lied about the camouflage to create some fake hype, but besides that, the subtle changes make the car look way better than it did all these last years. Imo, this is the best version of their "standard" livery that they kept since 2011. Still not as good as the 2010er livery tho.


Dec 6, 2013
Very good, almost like 2018 but the profile is a bit lower (see the comparison on the twotter website). Front wing isn't much different though, surprisingly.
Botass first to try it - hopefully a better performance for the finn this year.


Oct 15, 2010
Some cars are just look too busy with their liveries you cant see the shape of the car ......This look simple and clean , you can see the air flow . Mclaren and Ferrari will be most interesting to see.

Michel Forest

Jul 26, 2017
Great livery. And the design of that car looks really FAST... I’m « afraid » we are in for yet another dominant season by Mercedes. Plus, they will run a brand new engine... Ouch! Ferrari better step up their game in 2019.


Jun 4, 2017

the McLaren is ready too:

Alpha Romeo nose and frontwing:

alfa-romeo-racing-shakedown-1 (2).jpg
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Nov 8, 2010
Simplicity and beauty - It looks like a race car. I'm looking forward to seeing Lewis throw this bad boy around.