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Hi community,

I'm going though a visual issue that I didn't manage to resolve nor find information about it.

I've installed some skins for F1 2018 and while some of them work well (the Toyota one), others are sometimes blurred (see the helmets of the drivers). Notice that the Alfa driver hasn't been changed, so it's even more strange.

The yellow car and the Toyota are skins I made myself. The yellow worked well for 4-5 months and now it started to be blurred. When I re-launched the game to take a screenshot, it was normal.

Do you have any idea how to fix it please ? I've just re-installed skins on my game and the game was running perfect without mods.

Another subject : The new liveries I try to create all make the game crashes and I've no idea why (just changing the paint for example).

Thanks you very much,



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