Featured F1 2018: Fast Lap of Paul Ricard with Esteban Ocon

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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
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    The French Grand Prix is back, and to celebrate let's watch a fast lap of the circuit in F1 2018 with Force India star (and proud Frenchman) Esteban Ocon…

    Formula One 2018 sure does look like a visually impressive title, and with an exclusive official Formula One licence, console, mobile and PC versions coming to our game machines of choice and plenty of pre-release promotion, Codemasters have all the key ingredients necessary to produce on of the most commercially successful titles in the long history of this high profile British development studio.

    With the game coming out in just a few months time development already looks well advanced, so much so that the studio are confident enough to release their second on board lap from the current season, following the fast lap of Monaco with Charles Leclerc comes this new video featuring Esteban Ocon, lapping the newly reinstated Circuit Paul Ricard - home of the 2018 French Grand Prix.

    Fancy seeing the track from a different drivers perspective? No worries, check out Romain Grosjean in his Haas Ferrari below:

    Or how about Pierre Gasly? Not a problem, this one is for you:

    Formula One 2018 is scheduled to release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC August 24th 2018.

    Don't forget to check out the new F1 2018 sub forum for all the latest news, mods and racing events for F1 2018.. including our very first PlayStation 4 F1 league!

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  2. Nick Hill

    Nick Hill

    Ocon = Force India "star"???

    Be careful, you can throw your back out making that kind of reach!!! :p:D;)
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  3. Neilski

    Staff Premium

    We might have to request a take-down on that Ocon video - he breaks the RD track limits at 1:37 :p

    Joking aside, he mentions that he simraces to keep up his skills - I wonder which sim? Surely not one of the F1 201x series... A quick bit of googling has left me unsure.
  4. Jayenn


    There are a couple of videos showing him racing on his Twitter Feed. One of him playing AC from last year, but all the recent ones have been about him playing GT Sport.
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  5. NDG

    Non Dangerous Guy Premium

    There was a post in iRacing forums a long time ago saying he PLAYS THE GAME! So reading all posts above, sounds like he's all over the place. But not Verstappen-like, however you wanna read that, serves all intent and purpose. :p
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  6. peppepino


    I'm quite sure he plays online with the nickname "mexican-get-out-of-my-way"
  7. chrillgrill

    pretend racing-driver Premium

    He plays a lot of GT sport ;)
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