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    Nexus Nikens

    Hello beautiful people of RaceDepartment is the first time I use the sections discussions I think is useful from the many answers you give to each question so I decided to expose my problem here after sending an email to codemasters but who knows when I will respond, therefore, : For problems we had at the pC which then still led me to do so I had to uninstall course format f1 2016 but once reinstalled told me that damaged bailouts, made me send the bailouts to codemasters and told me if I wanted them to recover, I of course I said yes because with a current career at renault with a win, a third place, retreats and null placings, anyone would like to retrieve a career so strange, but trying to recupararli told me that the recovery attempt had failed, then I provat to retrieve backup files even if you do not I had never done, and the same had failed, now I wonder what's the steam cloud if he tells you that the files are damaged? the technician who formatted the pc told me that I can be that in the meantime the version of the game had been updated but the last update dates back to October 14, and I formatted much later. So now what can I do? Thanks in advance, F1 always good and go Nico.