F1 2016 PC Patch Deployed - Console Update to Follow

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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    F1 2016 Game Patch.jpg
    F1 2016 has proven to be somewhat of a surprise to many racing fans, providing one of the most impressive gaming experiences produced by Codemasters since taking over the Formula One licence with the 2010 edition of the game.

    Released to a universally positive reception, the British developers are still hard at work improving the title and have deployed a new patch for PC versions of the sim, available to download now. Although the first pass of updates only effect PC players, Codemasters have promised updates for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game. Both should be live in the very near future.

    Highlights from the latest update include additional pit options such a wing changes, 4K framerate improvements, Logitec G27 wheel compatibility, AI updates and of course a mixed bag of further game developments, fixes and improvements.

    Already expanding on an outstanding initial release, Codemasters move towards bringing out a substantial patch so soon is another positive sign that studio have finally found the right ingredients to produce a Formula One simulation worthy of the illustrious licence.

    F1 2016 Game Changelog:

    Game Addition
    • Added the fuel remaining level next to the fuel mix setting in the MFD
    • Added the ability to chose whether to select a front wing change during pit stops
    • Added ability to alter fuel mix levels during the race start procedure.
    • Added braking telemetry to ghost car DRL within Time Trial
    • Added HUD area adjustment option.
    PC Specific Fixes
    • Setting Benchmark mode to loop will now loop the benchmark.
    • Improved framerate when running the career hub in 4K and using the laptop.
    • Fixed an issue where the Low Detail graphical preset was displayed as Custom in the advanced Setup menu
    • V-sync Interval now fades out when v-sync is set to OFF
    • AMD - Crossfire – Fixed an issue that resulted in vehicle reflections causing cars to flicker when set to HIGH or above
    • Fixed an issue where some players were not receiving their pre-order bonus features.
    • Steam multiplayer region filter expanded to worldwide.
    • G27 steering wheel is now recognised.
    General Multiplayer
    • Players on pause during multiplayer races are now driven at the speed level of the chosen AI and ghost to avoid accidents.
    • Safety Car icon has been added to the mini map in online multiplayer races.
    • Fixed a hang where a user JIPs into a session as its transitioning to a race.
    • Fixed an issue where JIPing into a practice session, quitting and rejoining prevents the player from taking control of a car.
    • Fixed an issue where game assets fail to render correctly when a client spectates an ongoing multiplayer qualifying session.
    • Fixed an issue where the AI refused to overtake a paused player during online sessions.
    • Added an icon next to the player nametag to indicate when the AI has taken control of another player in online multiplayer.
    • Fixed an issue where players could spawn in on top of each other on the grid if both players receive a 5 place grid penalty in practice
    • Fixed an issue with an incorrect position indicator on the formation lap after a driver is reset to grid.
    • Fixed an issue in multiplayer championship in which the client’s setup is forgotten after a reboot.
    • Fixed an issue where if a host left an OSQ session their ghost was the only vehicle visible for all clients and results were showing them in 1st place.
    • Multiplayer Championship – Auto save feature enabled when player client joins session.
    • Fixed an issue where accepting an invite on the race results was failing to take user into the game lobby.
    • Added option for clients to save Multiplayer Championship after host migration
    • Fixed an issue where an absent player vehicle was retiring at the start of a practice session, preventing the player dropping into multiplayer championships
    • Fixed an issue where drive through penalties were not being enforced after a Formation Lap
    • Fixed an issue where if a player quits/is disqualified from an online practice or longer qualifying session, many AI were not setting a lap time at all
    • Added ability to kick player in Online Championship if they don't have a vehicle.
    • Various other bug and stability fixes.
    General Game
    • Fixed AI vehicles blocking cars on hot laps in qualifying and practice sessions.
    • Fixed AI vehicles suddenly moving off the inside line of corners and causing collisions
    • Improved AI ability to recover to track after being involved in crashes.
    • Made changes to the AI to improve overtaking along straights.
    • Improved AI ability to race closer in corners without backing out of moves.
    • AI vehicles are now able to reliably keep within the Safety Car delta times.
    • Updated safety car release frequencies to result in SC being deployed more often.
    • Updated safety car severity release frequencies – More likely to be released for the more severe accidents.
    • Practice Sessions – Re-balanced tyre management tests.
    • Improved performance and framerate within the career mode hospitality suite.
    • Fixed an issue in qualifying where the player was given new vehicle for Q2 after terminally damaging their car during Q1.
    • Fixed a crash in a 100% race replay at Singapore.
    • Fixed an issue where drive through penalties were not being enforced after a Formation Lap.
    • Fixed an issue where marbles were not sticking to tyres when driving over them on the outside of corners.
    • Fixed sector times incorrectly displaying purple on the timings screen in practice and qualifying.
    • Fixed an exploit in full qualifying where you could move up the grid after Q1 by advancing to race.
    • Fixed an issue on the strategy screen where it was possible to leave a gap in the race strategy.
    • Fixed an issue where no response was heard after requesting driver in Front or driver behind status update.
    • Fixed an issue where time trial laps that were penalised are appearing as legitimate times. - Please note this requires a leaderboard wipe to remove penalised lap times.
    • Leaderboards now display total players and ranking position.
    • Fixed a crash when attempting qualification pace practice program in FP2 and FP3.
    • Fixed a crash when selecting flashback after entering the pits.
    • Stopped the game forcing players to serve stop-go penalties whilst under safety car conditions.
    • Altered formation lap start procedure so users do not think they are starting the race.
    • Season objectives for teams in career now update at the start of a new season depending on previous seasons performance.
    • MFD - Extended the strategy timer to 30 seconds.
    • Sparks VFX is now played for plank collisions with track surface.
    • BRAZIL - PIT LANE - Speed limit sign now matches 80Kph speed limit.
    • AUSTRALIA – Pit Lane – Speed limit sign and pit limit OSD now match at 60Kph
    • Stability improvements for all game modes.
    • Various other bug and graphical fixes.
    • Various audio issues fixed and re-balanced.
    • Further updates to name filter in career mode
    Console Specific
    • Added an option to search custom multiplayer sessions on Xbox One
    • PS4 - LIGHT BAR – Light bar now turns blue when blue flags are present and red for collisions.
    NOTE: PC patch is available to download now via Steam. Console patch for Xbox One and PS4 will be deployed soon.

    Formula One 2016 is available to purchase for Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 right now.

    Check out more news and engage in game discussion with you fellow F1 game series fans right here at RaceDepartment. Our F1 20** Series sub forum has mods, discussions, news and events for you to enjoy. Join in the fun today!

    F1 2016 Ferrari.jpg F1 2016 Spa Eau Rouge.jpg F1 2016 Spa.jpg F1 2016 Button McLaren.jpg F1 2016 Force India.jpg F1 2016 Manor.jpg F1 2016 Red Bull .jpg

    Do you like F1 2016? Has the patch improved the experience for you? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Brian Duddy

    Brian Duddy

    Looks like a pretty good patch! I haven't bought an F1 game before, but I think as soon as this one goes on sale, I'm going to.
  3. Christian Moreau

    Christian Moreau
    Pretty Fly (For a French Fry) Premium

    Haven't gotten to play the game yet. When it released, I tried to do a 50% quick race but the V-Sync bug made it so I couldn't change the race settings.:(

    I hear that has been fixed and the added fixes found in this new patch are welcome as well. Back from my vacation tomorrow so I'll give her a run.:thumbsup:
  4. Poo'


    now drives more like a car not a pig on my dfgt, thank you codemasters:inlove:
  5. Patrik Marek

    Patrik Marek

    I can tell you that from the entire series the 2016 is by far the best one ( tried 2010,2011,2012,2013 and now 2016)
    only think I liked the most in 2010 was the music
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  6. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend
    Pro-Am racing driver... virtually Premium

    Quite an extensive list of fixes and glad they seem so on the ball with this release. Game was already epic and these fixes will make it even better.
    Codemasters are back on form again what with Dirt and now F1 2016!
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  7. HoiHman


    Still hoping for VR support
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  8. Graham Jarvis

    Graham Jarvis

    Hopefully AI is fixed. I had 100% race at Spa this week and the AI had 24 collisions with themselves:O_o:. At least they are not doing 8 plus pitstops in this years game.
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  9. Andy_J

    PC Veteran Gamer and Biker. Premium

    It just keeps on getting better. Fully enjoying it this year. It is the best version yet. I actually prefer playing this than doing online races. The AI is cleverer and more fair than many of the online real human opponents I've raced against with sensible overtakes, no divebombing and taking you out and the AI doesn't swear either.;) Thoroughly enjoying it. Codemasters have excelled themselves this time.
    Keep the improvements coming Codemasters. :thumbsup:
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  10. Lazarou


    Totally agree Andy, there is no other driving game on my radar at the moment. 14 races in now doing full qualifying and 50% on legend it just plays great. I have never played a driving game using that long races before. Cant see me being bored until I win that championship at legend which may take a while.

    Safety car and VSC is now deploying properly and we have sparks from the plank, these are heady days indeed.

    Other than it just runs great and looks flipping gorgeous.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  11. Gopher04


    Yeh like this patch, sparks from the plank looks very effective, though so far I've only seen it when cars are going over the curbs, the fuel mixture able to be changed at start of a race is another good thing, but you don't have to much time to alter it, hit the start button, press my mfd button twice, twiddle my rotatory nood, by then the lights are on the last red, it could do with a 2/3 sec gap between hitting the start button and the light coming on.
  12. Sele1981


    how are the physics?
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  13. Andy_J

    PC Veteran Gamer and Biker. Premium

    Good enough. :thumbsup:
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  14. Ziggy72


    Please tell me they've added mouse support for the menu screens. Please.
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  15. DRAVMAN_91


    This new release of F1 2016 is simply amazing. The best one since the first edition in my opinion.
    The career is very good and so interesting to live as unique experience for such game type !
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  16. Gopher04


  17. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend
    Pro-Am racing driver... virtually Premium

    I just use the buttons on my wheel. It's not so hard getting used to which one does what. But if you leave the game for a while, like I have waiting for new 1070 and case that it will fit in, I'll have to go and relearn it all again...
  18. Fat Rich

    Fat Rich

    Maybe I don't have enough buttons but it's an awkward combination of wheel buttons, shifter buttons and keyboard to navigate through, not even the same awkward buttons / keys combination as Dirt Rally :mad:

    Apart from the menus (and the annoying way the race engineer mutes the engine sounds when he speaks) I'm really enjoying this game.

    Very surprised two of my current favourite games were made by Codemasters... Good work! :thumbsup:
  19. Xtriko


    I would like to ask if this is suitable for a simracer. Not trying to start somekind of rage. My question is really honest. I love to drive since my Karting days, started on simracing not so long ago, because now, all those Gran Turismo days are gone, since I found Assetto Corsa and rFactor 1 & 2, AMS etc... So, my friends, from the heart, is this on level greater than Gran Turismo? I will not ask if it's like the other sims because I believe its not, but if its greater than GT, I'll give a try :)
    All the best to you and have an AWESOME weekend!

    Mauro Araújo
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  20. Sharjeel

    Being 2nd is to be the 1st of the ones who lose. Premium

    BTW...why isn't there an option to not change the tires during a pit stop, say for example, when you go in to repair wing damage?
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