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Misc F1 2016 more grip and car stability 2018-12-21

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Jul 5, 2017
StrongestFish submitted a new resource:

F1 2016 more grip and car stability - grip

(english is not my native language)

I'm surprised what no one does same mod before :)

Edited lines for front and rear tyres:
<MinGripMultiplier value="0.55" /> - 1.0 - It's grip in wet conditions or on worn tyres.
<MaxGripMultiplier value="1.000000" /> - 2.0 it's grip on fresh slicks in optimal conditions.
<DampingConstant value="2000" /> - 4000 it helps for car stability.

Included copypaste version and manual installation if you use skin mods. Any feedback welcome.
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