F1 2015 Steering Wheel & Controller Settings List

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Oct 8, 2010


General In-Game Settings.

We understand that Codemasters have designed the steering to work as follows :-

Basically, having all sliders set to 0% means you make no changes to the raw input, it is 1:1. All wheels will come with all settings in the advanced wheel settings set to 0%, and it is recommended that you set the wheel rotation on PC to 360 degrees, to have it 1:1 with the in-game steering wheel.

On Xbox and PS4 it is hard-coded to have the wheel rotation set at 360 degrees, for those wheels that support it.

Raising linearity in F1 2015, will make it turn slower near the centre, could be helpful to those wheels that have very small amount of degrees of rotation, so it can make the steering less twitchy by raising the steering linearity

Steering saturation is basically the opposite, setting it to 100% it means it is more or less 3:1 so, instead of having 360 degrees of rotation, you have 120 degrees (not a recommended setting, but that is how it works)

So to simplify, maybe you have a bit of understeer because you think the wheel is not turning enough, you raise steering saturation. If you think you have understeer because you are steering too much, you raise the linearity, but, these changes will not make the wheel 1:1 ratio anymore.

Only by setting all these values to 0% you will have a 1:1 ratio, raw input with no alteration.


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