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Misc F1 2015 Race Suit Pack 1.1

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F1 2015 Race Suit Pack - F1 2015 Race Suits

Here it is! The final F1 2015 Race Suits mod. In this mod, i have included new race suits such as Toro Rosso and Mercedes. I have also updated some of the race suits. However, some of the pictures you see below is only going to be an illustration of what the race suit will be like in game and it is not the same as it. I did not include Lotus ( as the 2015 race suits looks...

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This not work in my lelsley buurlage 2015 mod,, the sauber still same.. How to install it?
It does not work with Lesley Buurlage's mod. You can extract the race suit out from the sauber drivers in my file and replace them in Lesley Buurlage's mod using Ryders PSSG editor.
I have one more question:

The drivers who changed team in relation to F1 2014 (alonso, vettel) have problems with logos of gloves, what should I change? What would this file: higbody_glovesfernando_alonso.pssg and highansfernando_alonso.pssg?

I have to change something in them? How to change the gloves?