F1 2015 - PC Patch 5 Released today - August 10th

Graham Laing

Retired Staff
We just set live a small patch for F1 2015. We are aware of other the other issues and working on them but we wanted to take the opportunity to get this out ASAP as it was affecting a lot of players.
  • Fixed deadzone being incorrectly applied to steering wheels
  • Fixed steering wheel settings not saving correctly
  • Fixed incorrect detection of certain controllers and steering wheels
All patch details and additional game info can be found in the sticky thread here
When I go to race it now defaults to keyboard everytime even if I reset it, the wheel on screen is just turned completely to the left and I have no control of it, I had to reset before every race as it was before this patch, but at least after the last patch I could actually have a race after a 3 week wait, pretty much given up with this one all it's good for is the bin

Carl Hughes

Just tried a custom profile and no DZ at all using my Fanatec CSR with CSR Elite pedals! I will go so far as to say that it feels like a new game! The throttle is very responsive and at first I thought I had TC turned on as I was getting no wheel spin at all but TC was off :D
Very happy camper!
All they need to do now is fix all the online stuff and bring on the leagues :D

Large Style

Well, if this is as good as the Xbox 360 controller on PC operates then I'm done with this game (for gameplay, not necessarily moding). I've never played a racing game with such a vague disconnect between what's happening on screen and what I'm experiencing / feeling with the car / track.

Not only do the cars fail to have a feeling of weight and therefore loading, the traction is simply wrong - I'm often oversteering the car into a silent drift when leaving corners, which due to the complete lack of tyre noise and actual controller feedback results in myself having to chase the cars behaviour and then wait x amount of seconds before it seems to gather itself together. Fling the car through the high speed chicane in Australia and you can go full-on 4-wheel drift into it and out if it. Heck, earlier I was even doing doughnuts with 50% throttle in 2nd gear.

Based on my experience and the plenty of videos I've watched on YouTube (of all the game-braking non-sense) I'm gonna hang my (virtual) helmet up for this year.

BTW Graham, thanks for these patch update announcements and info - it makes it very easy to keep track of this games "state". :thumbsup:
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