F1 2015 General Car Setup Discussion

Graham Laing

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Oct 8, 2010

Please use this thread to discuss F1 2015 setups in general. Please do not use this thread to post specific setups for specific tracks. Use the provided setup thread for each track, and use the setup template.

The setup directory is here

The setup template and rules are here

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Mar 28, 2014
Hey guys im in my first champions mode with torro rosso and having some trouble with my setups( not verry good in) can somebody help me thnx

M Theory

Oct 16, 2011
One of the features of this year's game is the ability in time trial to use the setup of anyone who has posted a time on the leaderboard.

One consequence is that it might be something of a disincentive to share setups on this forum; another, that the TT setup might not work too well in other modes of the game - tyre-wear for example (though this aspect is rather difficult to gauge since, at least to me, tyre wear is hard to detect and seems less of an issue in this year's game).

Differential is probably the most significant new option this year. Looking at the setups from the top of the leaderboards, 100% on throttle seems a norm. But of course, the top times tend to be a Mercedes, which seems to me to behave as though it has TC compared to lower tier cars. The 100% on throttle doesn't work so well on a Marussia (2014 season).

Wings do seem to give nose and grip this year though.

But to be honest, I continue to remain bemused by the setup options in this year's game.

Tyre pressures? Anyone detect an effect?

Differential setting definitely have an impact, but more so in lower tier cars.

Leonardo Chaves

Oct 11, 2010
The one thing that surprised me the most is that on some cases they seem to go against conventional wisdom. Since when ballast to the front causes understeer?