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Misc F1 2014 Codemasters Default Camera Files - Requested 2014

No permission to download


hey mate i' have tried your cameras mod,and like that but that's problem with mercedes cameras
some wiews flickering when you start to drive, some flickering front wiew and rear wiews and some only the rear can you look at that?


i never seen or heard of this issue before.. check ur install. is it fresh, did u have other cam mods. if so takes at least 8 hours of game play to over writte old temp files. quicker to re install... check you video drivers also
Я знаю. Извини не правильно вопрос задал. Что изменяет этот файл? Просто не каких изменений не вижу. Если тебя не затруднит объяснить.
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