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F1 2014 f1 2014 and Logitech G29 problem

F1 2014 The Game (Codemasters)
Hello everyone,

After years I started to play again the F1 2014 but with the steering wheel G29 it is impossible to play it, the previous steering wheel I had was the Logitech Momo and it played great.

Now with G29 it is unplayable. Even if I put the force feedback at least 10% , the steering wheel is very tight, I think it will break a gear from the steering wheel !

Unfortunately the G29 is not compatible with old (and good) Logitech Profiler and I can't adjust spring strength , dumber strength and etc .

Is there a file in the game location where I can change numbers or something to change the force feedback ?

The Logitech software / G Hub is almost useless !

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