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F1 2013 The Game: Setups Directory

Discussion in 'F1 2013 Setups' started by Dan Hawkins, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. Dan Hawkins

    Dan Hawkins


    Here you can find setups submitted by the RD F1 2013 The Game Codemasters community. Sharing setups is a brilliant way to help others who are stuck on certain tracks, on where to start or they simply want to compare their setup to your setup to see what they can improve. Below you will find links to the track you desire. We cater for all the platforms, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

    Remember, sharing is fun!

    F1 2013 Setup Directory

    Standard Tracks
    Melbourne: Dry - Wet
    Kuala Lumpur: Dry - Wet
    Shanghai: Dry - Wet
    Sahkir: Dry - Wet
    Catalunya: Dry - Wet
    Monte Carlo: Dry - Wet
    Montreal: Dry - Wet
    Silverstone: Dry - Wet
    Nurburgring: Dry - Wet
    Budapest: Dry - Wet
    Spa Francorchamps: Dry - Wet
    Monza: Dry - Wet
    Singapore: Dry - Wet
    Yeongnam: Dry - Wet
    Suzuka: Dry - Wet
    New Delhi: Dry - Wet
    Yas Marina: Dry - Wet
    Austin: Dry - Wet
    Sao Paulo: Dry - Wet

    Classic Tracks:
    Imola: Dry - Wet
    Estoril: Dry - Wet
    Brands Hatch: Dry - Wet
    Jerez: Dry - Wet

    If you need any help please feel free to ask away!
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Thread Status:
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