F1 2013 Patch #3

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  1. Mateusz Najda

    Mateusz Najda

    Mid Session Save

    • Fixed a bug which prevented car setups from being loaded correctly when a Mid Session Save is created while on track.
    • Fixed an issue in Career which would cause a perpetual load when resuming a Mid Session Save after accepting a mid season contract.

    • Improved connection map, latency evaluation and bandwidth evaluation to improve the quality of connection information. This in turn should result in fewer disconnects in multiplayer games.
    Minor Fixes

    • Memory savings when selecting Flying Lap in any session.
    The above fixes (where relevant) for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game are currently being tested and verified. These require additional submission and authorisation from Microsoft and Sony so the release date for these will follow a little later than the PC version.
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    Patricio Quevedo

    this people are the best!! great support!
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