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F1 2013 mods compatibility combination advice


Jun 28, 2014
Hello I'm new to this site, I want to say first of all that I think the Mods for F12013 are incredible, I'm now loving the game. I have only just bought a PC and never knew that people could do this stuff.
I would love to have as many mods as possible within my game but I think when I add new ones they may overwrite parts that other people have created that I have already added to the game.
I'm looking for advice as to what mods I should download and in what order so that I can make my game as good as is possible.

I'll give an example of what I mean.
I have downloaded the ultimate realism mod which provides the v6 engine sounds from the 2014 season and it provided some new camera angles which were cool.
I then installed the mod which creates a fictional 2014 season and the realistic damage mod.
I noticed that the camera angles from the first one I added were not there which was ok anyway its not a big deal.
However I like the mod which provides more forcefeedback from the track because its really cool but I liked the handling before I added that, now I dont know if I changed the handling by adding in the track improves file?

so you can see my dilemna, I think I cant have it every way and get the best from all the mods unless I add them in the correct order maybe.

Any advice would be well appreciated.

Thanks for letting me join the site and download these amazing mods. Before I found these mods I was beginning to wish I bought a PS4 instead but not now hehe cos I couldnt have this brilliant new F1 game I've always wished for cheers.

Graham Laing

Retired Staff
Oct 8, 2010
Hi, welcome to Race Department :thumbsup:

I have moved your thread to the general F1 2013 forum, because the modding forum is for actually mod releases only.

There is a sticky thread in the modding forum where you can ask technical questions about modding. Also each downloadable mod has it's own discussion thread where you can comment about a mod, thank the modder, or ask a specific question about that mod.

The modding questions sticky is here :-


If you want to ask a modder to create something for you, that doesn't already exist, like a car skin or helmet for example, then there is also a requests sticky thread in the modding forum, here :-


Not forgetting my own sticky threads that have some useful info ;)

A couple of methods of installing mods, manually & using a mod manager :-


Other useful info is also in this sticky :-


I moved your question into this forum (apart from it being in the wrong place), because you question is more general, not really a technical question, more to do with other's opinions about what they regard as good mods, or good combinations of mods.

Hopefully someone will jump in here now and give you some combinations to think about.

Cheers :)