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Seasons F1 2013 MOD SEASON 2021 1.3.1

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Great mod, but for some reason i can't see the drivers in the races, i only see the cars. Can anyone help me?
I had the "drivers" options off, i'm sorry for not knowing it... Btw, will you do the new Mclaren special livery for Monaco?
I noticed that as regards the safety car problem (shadow only) just replace the raceload.jpk file with the original F1 2013 one. Doing so now the safety car can be seen
In career mode San Marino does not work. After the first race in Bahrain, the game remains in loading. Restart and career resumes from the third race in Catalunya. It is as if race 2 was missing. San Marino works in the fast race. Is this my problem?


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