F1 2012 - Xbox Racers, This Is Your Calling!

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    Welcome to Dash & Splash

    Where the rule books are thrown out of a window and land on a soaking wet track... Where are group of lost looking F1 car's are sliding uncontrollably around the track on Option Tyre's, that's right Option Tyre's! Where braking points become the exit of the last corner!

    Where else could you drive a Formula 1 car around a track at 20 mph and look swell? The only place you will find every front wing from the starting cars lay across the track - In The Dash and Splash Tournament on the Xbox 360.

    It get's better...
    If the rain and option's aren't enough, Every other race is in the Dry, On FULL WET's! Trying to turn your car becomes more of a mission of pleading with the car to stay on the track. When you brake - your tyre's overheat, causing you massive problems negotiating the next corner. When you thought Option's in the Wet is bad, wait till you try Wet's in the dry

    A true test of skill and patience. Bring on the challenge, we dare you!

    Anyone is welcome! You do not have to commit to the tournament, all you have to do is turn up and race :) The more races you take part in, the more fun you have, the more chance you have of winning a prize!

    Funniest Driver of the Tournament - No Trolls, just funny guys
    Golden Rower Prize - The best/bravest driver (not wins, but overtakes etc)

    Prizes for the top two leaders at the end of the tournament: Microsoft Points
    Quick Summary
    • Once a week we will have a round of 7 races
    • Every Friday @ 20:30 (BST)
    • Sign ups - ALWAYS WELCOME
    • All of the races are 3 lap races
    • Grids are set random
    • Weather is set to "Clear" except every other race which is "Heavy Rain"
    • Under Clear Races: FULL WET TYRES
    • Under Heavy Rain Races: OPTION TYRES
    • Equal car settings
    Want to get stuck in? Click Me!