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As in past titles, owners of F1 2012 have the opportunity of driving around the newest track of this season ahead of the actual race (which will take place in November, during the weekend of Friday 16th-Sunday 18th). You've probably had plenty of time already to drive around it. But in case you haven't, or, for whatever reason, you just haven't acquired F1 2012, we've taken it upon ourselves to drive around the latest creation of the controversial designer Hermann Tilke.

A mix of everything... again. But it somehow works.

Well, there isn't a corkscrew. But that's the only thing missing, really. It's not wihout reason that many people criticize Tilke's designs as they feel they're devoid of personality. CotA is no exception to this rule. But, surprisingly, the elevation changes at some points help give the circuit a few fun turns where racing action will surely be interesting. Turn 1, for example, has a completely blind entry and apex. You won't really know if you've missed the apex until you're in front of it. Also remarkable is the pressence of a three apex turn (Turn 16-17-18) that, at least in-game, doesn't look as hard to nail as the one in Istanbul.

And despite all this, the circuit still looks fun to race, as there's a constant feeling of chasing your rivals waiting for the next slow turn for an overtake opportunity taking advantadge of the huge amount of tarmac available on all of them.

A lap around the Circuit of the Americas in F1 2012

As with the Buddh International Circuit in F1 2011, we won't really know how well Codemasters have nailed this circuit before the actual F1 race takes place. Much less if the compounds selected and the DRS zone will be exactly the same, or how fa off are the in-game times compared to the real deal.

This track rewards smooth driving over everything else. The better you nail the apex on those slow turns, the more you'll cut down your lap times, as most of them are followed by fast sections. In fact, it might be a great track to practice in-game for players that feel they need some more experience, as opposed to Yas Marina, which is quite more technical and doesn't allow for as much error as this track (and still come out with a clean, valid lap time).

We'll see how popular this track becomes over the next year (while in 2012 it will only host the Formula 1 race, apparently it wil be hosting the V8 Supercars and American Le Mans series in 2013 as well) in the real world, but surely online action at Tilke's newest creation will be popular in the coming months among the F1 2012 community.


If for some reason you've missed it (perhaps you've just landed on Earth, have been living under a rock, or just suddenly popped into existence, who knows), F1 2012 is already available on the usual platforms (PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3).

For more on F1 2012 The Game in general visit our popular F1 2012 The Game forums with the latest discussions and also the place for modding resources, custom club and league races, setups and much more.
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I've never understood all the Tilke hate. People say there's no character to them; that they are all cookie-cutter tracks (whatever that means-I've never seen a gingerbread man track by Tilke :) ) but I bet if you had him design a new track but tell everyone that it was someone else they would automatically start saying how fun or new it felt until you told them. I love the Austin track, I love Istanbul, Shanghai, Malaysia, and India. Singapore not so much but I give it credit- it's a beast to drive (and I'm pretty bad haha).

Maybe I am just the odd one out. Maybe it started with the Hockenheim change or something but I feel it's just all just biased against him.

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Istanbul and certainly Austin are a good example of proper Tilke tracks. The States can be happy with this track as I am sure it will be on the calendar for many years to come.

Especially looking forward to this triple corner right turn corner in real Formula One. It has all the potential to become just as (in)famous as Turn 8 at Istanbul Park
I hope the track in Austin will give us a good race to watch. Until then I can't say anything of it. Sometimes tracks look good on paper but when they start racing it then it turns out to be a not so good track.

BTW I liked the old Hockenheim more the the new one.
I think it'll be exciting. The physical positioning of some of those triple apex turns will lose a huge amount of down-force & weight in an F1 car so enter without the right momentum & to aggressive an approach you will be, in effect, a lightweight hovercraft. In contrast some of those downhill right angles will double the dynamics of an F1 car & cause over reaction amongst drivers. Lets wait until the race, but like 'emppu' said, if the organizers lied & said Aryton Senna had designed it years ago & not Tilke, everybody would love it. ;)
I would say I like 50% of the CotA. Some of the corners are just too fiddly and break the flow too much.
The 1st sector is great, and they have recreated a Maggots, Becketts, Chapel series of corners quite well, I just think there are a few too many corners in the series. From Maggots to Chapel there are 5 turns, but in the 1st sector at Austin there are effectively 8, which to me feels like it goes on a bit too long. Most of the track is great though.
My favourite Tilke circuit has been India actually, probably because its the one I do best on!
I also dont know why everyone hates the Tilke tracks.. Ok some may have less overtake chances but other tracks are a blast ! Like the Buddh International Circuit and this COTA. I think we're going to a great race in real with some suprises.
I think the tracks do sucks if they have repetitions. Two of the same kind corner at least. All the great tracks have all unique corners.. so if you drive a lap, you feel it "one clean lap". I don't like the repetitions in Suzuka at the first part of the track, I don't like the repetitive corners in the Hungaroring, but I absolutely hate the new Silverstone layout. One lap feels like I do the it twice but the second time wasted. :)
Here are also this kind of patterns.. small repetitions, but at least there are some good parts.. It could be like Suzuka, if it's lucky.
If Hermann Tilke had built Monza, People wouldn't like it. People say his tracks have no character. Monza Is just some straights with some chicanes at the end of it.
Alexander, Monza's personality is precisely the longest straights and highest straight top speed of the championship. Spa's is Eau Rouge because is such an unique corner. Monaco's personality lies on his twisty layout through the city streets...

What's the personality of India, though? (one of the Tilke's tracks I actually enjoy), it's much harder to define India in just one word. And the same applies to other Tilke's tracks. I like India, I hate Singapore (it's just too long for a city circuit that slow), I like Hockenheim, I hate Korea. So for me it's something like I like 50%, the other 50% either I don't like it or I just can't find it the fun on them.

In my book, he's a good designer, and most of his designs provide great F1 racing. That's all I need. :D
One thing i´m sure many can´t deny is that if you saw the tracks from above, they are like pieces of art work.

looks stunning from above.


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