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F1 2012 sprint mode - An absolute joke.

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Shane Butler, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. Shane Butler

    Shane Butler

    Seriously I am appaled by the amount of mental driving thats going around in these sprint races. Every single race, there is multiple cars barging into each other through the first few corners. No one seems to have any respect for other drivers. It is more like mario kart than F1. In fact, I was surprised I didnt see some bannanas on track as every race seems to resemble that game :)

    I think codies should stop the option of sprint races, purely because it encourages aggressive behavior. Let me give you an example of what I mean -

    The track is malaysia and after tip-toeing through the chaos on the opening lap, I'm up to first place. The guy behind me is about 10 seconds back and I'm on the last lap. Coming up to turn 10 I see a guy going slowly off the racing line. He was a lap down (which I thought was strange since it was only a three lap race) and I got past him. Then I turned in to take the corner and all of a sudden I see him accelerate in an attempt to punt me off the track. Luckily he missed me by a couple of inches and went into the gravel. Then after I won the race, I went to spectate mode and watched this guy. Another driver lapped him just before the last corner but he did the same thing as he tried to do to me. He T-boned the guy off the track. It was not lag, nor was it a racing incident, it was pure, disgraceful driving. I never want to see a guy like that on track again.

    Today was the first time I tried sprint races and I think its fair to say that I wont be doing them again. I'll be sticking to my league races in the future. Cheers :)
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  2. FearTheHands


    There are plenty of morons in sprint races - try custom sessions, the standard of driving is usually better plus you can now setup invite only sessions to stop disruptive players.

    There would be an easy way to stop this behaviour - if CM ghosted any car that was 1 lap down it would be impossible for the morons to have their fun.
  3. Gerardo Abal

    Gerardo Abal

    I've seen people doing this too!! but rather than writing off this game mode, simply just don't play it. I've concluded the following: if you have a mid grid position at the start, just back off a lil bit before reaching turn 1, after the "no brakes" sequence you'll see a gap, go for it. This happens every single race.
  4. Fredster


    Agree, especially back markers that have been blue flagged. They do not move over