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  1. Kristian Nenov

    Kristian Nenov

    Kristian Nenov submitted a new resource:

    F1 2012 Realism Enhancer - AI Mod, Car Handlnig Mod, Technical Issues, Safety Car Fix, game fixes

    Realism Enhancer Mod [2012 Season Edition]
    This mod contains:​
    • AI Mod
    • Car Handling Mod
    • Technical Issues Mod
    • Safety Car Fix Mod
    • Some game fixes
    AI Mod:
    • Realistic AI Behavior
    • Rebalanced AI drivers to get real life performance.
    • AI overtake a lot more
    • AI brakes later & has more cornering speed
    • More mistakes from the AI
    • More technical problems from the AI [some cars may retire due to brake problems, engine problems & etc]
    • HRT will have more technical problems than Ferrari. McLaren (especially Hamilton) have a high chance of a technical problem too.
    • Sometimes AI make mistakes. For example they may lock up. The biggest chance for a mistake is when they are under pressure from someone.
    • AI isn't scared to go off the racing line. Altho, I've limited it because they were cutting corners and overtaking on the outside, from the grass. :D
    • A lot better behavior under blue flags.
    • AI cars disappear later (in the distance - if they crash & have to retire)
    Car Handling Mod:
    • Realistic Top Speed (for both Player & AI)
    • Realistic acceleration (1st to 4th gear - higher / 7th gear - slower)
    • Lowered downforce levels (You won't feel ANY difference - the car handle the same & the grip is the same. Laptimes are lower tho)
    • Realistic DRS boost
    • More realistic braking points
    • Lowered slipstream effect
    Technical Issues Mod:
    • Team will need from 1 minute and a half to 15 mins to fix your KERS failiure.
    • KERS Failure chance lowered by 50% (I had 2xKERS fails for 1 race and decreased it.)
    • DRS Failure chance lowered to 10% (was 40%)
    • High Engine Mixture fail lowered to 5% (didn't really know such things can fail in a real F1 car)
    • You can get gearbox problems (was disabled, dunno why).
    • You can get Radiator problems. If you damage it, your engine will start to overheat a little bit.
    • You can damage your exhausts if you crash. This may lower your power.
    • You can damage your suspension. (It was set to 100% damage for any effect, I decreased it and you can get steering problems if you crash)
    • If you damage your brakes more than 15% they MAY get up to 10% less effective.
    • Engine is wearing out more.
    Safety Car Fix Mod:
    This mod is NOT made by me. The real authors of the mod are:​
    Roberto (Bob Back)​
    • There is 100% chance to deploy safety car (if there's a problem, look below)
    • There are trigger zones. If there's a crashed car in those zones, the safety car will come out.
    • Safety car works for Texas (there weren't any zones for Texas)
    • Max safety cars per race: 4
    Some other fixes:

    • Tyre compounds for Texas & Brazil fixed.
    • Gaps between difficulties - lowered.
    I highly recommend you to:

    1. Make backup of your save & files (I don't have original files included in the archive)
    2. If you're starting a new game, don't replace "cars" folder before you pass the Young Drivers Test. After you pass it, replace them.
    Some tips:
    If the AI are crashing into your back at the braking zones, you're braking way too early. I've made them to brake very late, so if you brake early that they crash into you - lower difficulty.​

    AI is a lot stronger, if you fight against original Legend AI, definitely lower your AI difficulty by at least 1 level.​

    If AI is too fast on higher and too slow on lower difficulty, download Ryder's database editor and edit one of the difficulties to match your performance.​

    DO NOT:

    Replace ANY of the files in this mod or you will get strange behavior. If you want to have something different in the database, edit MY database. Do NOT replace it or you may get strange things happening in game!​

    DO NOT upload this mod anywhere else without my permission. You can always just leave a link to this thread. :)

    If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment & I'll answer them.
    I'm always open for suggestions & tips on what to improve.
    Thank you!:)

    Overview Page.
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  2. Kristian Nenov

    Kristian Nenov

    Sorry for the lack of music, YouTube was giving me strikes so I removed it & uploaded only with game sounds. Sorry for that.

    Video of the mod (shows mainly AI)

    Reserved post to write something if necessary. :)
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  3. Lyneos


    Wow. Good job! That's clearly the best mod of all those available! Really like it. Thank you very much!
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  4. emrah1559


    Woohoow... Heyy man Great Job Really Thanks:)
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  5. seby1


    Where did you change the handling?
  6. Roland Molnar

    Roland Molnar

    Fantastic Mod! Now I tested, perfect! Thx Kristian ;)
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  7. Kristian Nenov

    Kristian Nenov

    All tracks.

    And thanks to everyone for the nice words. Thank you! :)
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  8. ContinueLP


    can i marry you?
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  9. seby1


    Is that in:
    "cars\XYZ\track" and "cars\XYZ\balanced"

    or in

  10. whitewash


    Im guessing the Competitive Braking mod isnt needed?
  11. snthennumbers


    Some issues I'm seeing immediately:

    The Player is still going to have issues with being notably faster than the AI at specific tracks, which I've already corrected.

    Gear ratios for gears 1-4 in the CTF files have not been changed from the default values, so I'm not sure how that translates to faster acceleration as you claim. I tried using your CTF files for the Player's car, and the CTF files for the AI from my AI mod and didn't notice any acceleration differences.
    I see you've essentially mirrored Johnny Dangerously's aero values from his Revised Car Performance Mod, with minor tweaks, but I see you increased the "aero_wing_rear_drag" parameter. Is this what decreases the DRS effect?
    I also see you've changed the "car_setup_name" parameters for some tracks (maybe all, I didn't open all the CTF files)...what was the reasoning behind this?
    Finally, what do the "third_spring_str_front/rear" values do in the CTF files? I saw you changed those quite a bit.

    I don't see anything done to the AI files that would make your AI any better than Demy's, or mine for that matter. Not that you've claimed your AI is better, but I just don't see the reason for yet another AI mod with values that show no signs of significant improvements or breakthroughs than what's already available. I'm also seeing, based on the video, more than enough rear-ending still happening...

    It also looks like you took hill's competitive braking mod and just made very minor tweaks to the values in those files in order to "not get caught" so to speak.

    I haven't torn apart the raceload.jpk file from you mod compared to that of Kartik Sri Harsha's Mechanical Failures mod, but I'm going to venture that, based on what I've seen already, this is probably Kartik's work, but slightly modified so you "don't get caught". Though to give you some credit where credit is due, it does sound like you've made improvements to the damage model with the partial suspension damage rather than 100% damage all the time, so good work there.

    Sorry to pick on you and be so negative, but frankly I'm getting a little tired of people posting mods and simply claiming "this is better, that is better" without any actual numbers, data, or evidence proving so. Overall, I'm getting the distinct impression from this mod that, like I said, you've taken other people's work, made very minor changes to it so you don't get caught, and reposted it as your own work (excluding the Safety Car mod which you did give credit to the creators for).

    #Hope I'm wrong...
  12. Dave Fox

    Dave Fox
    I get there...eventually.

    How did you come to that conclusion so fast ?? (40mins after release)
    And some more info as to why you say this is better than Demys and snthennumbers ?

    I'm all for people releasing mods but this is getting stupid...I think we have enough realism mods without people just uploading the same stuff again and putting a new title on it
  13. Kristian Nenov

    Kristian Nenov


    Uhm... Firstly, I've never changed third_spring_str_front or rear. Maybe you're not comparing with stock files. Only thing I've done is lower all downforce settings by 0.05 and last night I lost 3 hours adjusting gear ratios and drag.

    Secondly.. I've taken Hill's competitive braking mod?? You serious?? I've modified both braking points and cornering speed. Which he hasn't done. His mod is competitive BRAKING mod. Secondly, I haven't even tried that mod. I have no use for it at all as a matter of fact, because I've modified AI's cars so they have to brake later due to the lower speed.

    And what the - are you talking about? I haven't edited any setups, I haven't edited third_spring or anything. I just have no idea how did you come up with this one... o.O

    Kartik's work? Yeah, I did test his mod before doing mine. I got smoke by the end of a 100% race out of my car. I don't want that. I've just ENABLED these values so they can break. I haven't adjusted much like Kartik.

    And yes, rear-ending happens. So? You've got a problem with that? Yea, I can remove it if I want to. But then AI won't outbrake each other. I'm sorry I didn't record any nice overtakes from the AI because I was working on the mod at that point. And actually, where did you see rear ending in the video? I'm really interested, because I didn't notice that. Maybe you wish for it too much that it happens?

    Oh, and by the way. I'm claiming this is better, that is better? When did I say this mod is better than anyone else's mod? You're the one who claims your mod is "THE MOST REALISTIC". Not me. I'm just saying what's improved over stock.

    So, you can always think whatever you want. I don't give a f**k. Just shut your mouth with all the blaming when you have absolutely no idea what're you talking about. Go to your mod, do whatever you want, post whatever you want. I don't care. Don't wanna be aggressive, but I hate people who go against you because they're jealous. The only mod that isn't mine is the Safety Car mod. I've asked remy for that. I gave them credits. Everything is OK. Maybe I should download that braking points mod to compare. Maybe we do have similar values. But I haven't used anything. I can tell you who my tester was for the AI. You can ask him about the AI. They were going very wide on a few tracks. They were too fast through some corners. It took time to balance everything. And I lost 1 week and a little to make a mod so you can what? So you can come here and talk **** about me? You're even new here. What? You learned what 5 lines do and think you're awesome or something?

    To mod: If this post is too aggressive or something, just edit it. I got really mad for someone crapping at my work and I won't write my post nicer.

    EDIT: Now when I'm calmer.. I want to say a big sorry to everyone not involved in this and having to read it. This guy just got on my nervs way too much.
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  14. Kristian Nenov

    Kristian Nenov

    Car handling is in "cars" folder.
    New braking points & faster cornering is in "tracks" folder. :)


    I have tried this mod and i like so much...Thank's Kristian Nenov For Your Awesome Work... For me this is the definitive AI MOD :)
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  16. Kristian Nenov

    Kristian Nenov


    No. Like I said, do not overwrite any of the files in this mod. If you do, it might not work properly. And plus that, I have made adjustments on all tracks - braking points + cornering speed. :)

    And a special thanks to Irishblanch who repeated True to Life mod maker, whatever his name is, and blamed me for "uploading the same thing".

    No, seriously. I can't believe this. I haven't received even 1 bad post for my 2011 mods. For over 20k downloads through all of the versions, I haven't had any hate at all. Now this year, with my first version, first mod, I get hated by now 2 ppl for just 100 downloads. What's going on... :unsure:
  17. camopi


    Hey Kristian,

    i know your mods from 2011, and this is same good quality of your work as last year !
    Thank you very much !:thumbsup: :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  18. BBFred


    I thought you were retiring from modding... Couldn't help it huh? ;)

    As for this controversy with @snthennumbers, you make a lot of guesses, 'looks like' and venturing. Until you bring definite proof that @Kristian Nenov ripped someone else's contents, I'll give him the full credits for this mod of his. Why? Simply because he produced a great similar mod for 2011, so has the skills, and has had a pristine track record on this forum.

    In the end, it all seems to come down to that part of your post:
    I beg to differ. Maybe his work was to some extent inspired by Demy's, Kartik's, hill's, and yours, but he felt he could work something out better. The more competition there is, the better IMO, and the players will just make their pick for the best mods!

    Back to this mod now, I'll give it a whirl next race for sure! :thumbsup:
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  19. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    haha, this is like real life with companies. They hate competition, and want to monopolize everything. The more competition the better! :)

    I feel like there will be some lawsuits soon :roflmao:
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  20. Silver BENZ

    Silver BENZ

    I like this mod very much.:thumbsup: Indeed the 2011'th mod was very good, bit imo this is better, more adrenaline. Thanks, bravo be mindil.:roflmao:
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