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"F1 2012 Champions Mode" is a mini series intended to give a brief overview of the champion challenges that players will face on this all-new mode of F1 2012.

Born in Espoo (Finland, 1979), Kimi Räikkönen has made a name of himself due to a myriad of things: his particular personality (brief on words, but surely a showman outside the car) and his amazing talent as a driver. Although he was crowned as World Champion of Formula 1 in 2007 driving for Ferrari, the Finn had already gifted brilliant moments to racing fans all around the world.

It's pretty hard to forget his brilliant Japanese Grand Prix race in 2005, where he'd overtake Fisichella on the very last lap:


Overall, Räikkönen is an immensely talented driver which many of us expect to see back at the top spot of the podium in the coming F1 races at some point (be it in the current season, or the next).

He usually won't talk much at press conferences, and when he does, he goes straight to the point. Even if he's on Top Gear driving the Reasonably Priced car:

Defeating Iceman on F1 2012

Being the first challenge of the game, it's no wonder that the situation presented isn't overall that challenging. We're at lap 42 of 44's Belgian Grand Prix driving for Lotus (replacing Grosjean), starting on 13th, and we'll be required to overtake him to win this challenge. Doing it on Easy mode (which is indeed, very easy) will get you a Bronze medal, Silver for Easy mode, and Gold for Hard.

To top it off, you'll be driving on Option tyres while Kimi is struggling on a set of Primes, giving you a grip advantadge over him. There's no much mistery to defeat the Finn on Normal. Just drive around, keep the car on track, and don't bump into anyone:

In-game audio is in Spanish

But just how harder is it on hard mode? Well, you'll certainly won't be making into the podium (unless you're very quick). Depending on how quickly you can progress through the grid, you'll realize that the slipstream effect from the cars in front of you will play a huge factor to getting down your lap times and succeed in your chase. Keep the car on track and take advantadge of the braking at the chicane and La Source to overtake your opponents:

In-game audio is in Spanish
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