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F1 2011 Patch 2 Major Problems

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Strahil Kotlarov, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Strahil Kotlarov

    Strahil Kotlarov

    Before the patch the game was running flawlessly but after i update it guess what from 170 + fps down to 25 and also constant screen slow motion every 5-7 seconds which is hell annoying.
    I tried to reinstall the game it didnt work also i installed fresh Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Bit .
    I am running the game on ultra with Maximum AA Everything on Ultra 1920/1020 Resolution.(DX11)
    My rig is :
    CPU: i7 2600k 5.4Ghz
    MB: Asus Maximum Extreme 4
    RAM: 16 DDR3 Corsair Vengence 7-7-7-21 1.6v
    GPU: 2-Way SLI 580 GTX AsusDirectCU II
    HDD: 2x WD Black Carviar 1TB(each) Raid 0
    PSU:Corsair 1000W
    Case: CM HaF X
    Also keep in mind that i am running Battlefield 3 with over 140 fps .
    So guys do you know how to fix it or i will have to install manually patch 1 and wait untill patch 3 kicks in . -.- ?
    Here are the result from the F1 2011 Benchmark :
    Average FPS:32 MinimumFPS: 7
  2. Chris

    Staff Premium

    It's because your SLI'ing your GPU's. For some reason the new patch doesnt like SLI.
    If you take one card out then it should work considerably better.
  3. Silver BENZ

    Silver BENZ

    Well, my pc is verry good, never had a probs like graphics, low fps, freeze etc... But after the patch i cant load the track in any - test, gp, career... just while loading the track... freezing. I repair the game, upply only patch1 and works, dont need this big- big **** patch2...
  4. Roy Sutton

    Roy Sutton

    You can't play online in less you patch 2 installed though so it sucks in that sense.