F1 2011 Modding FAQ: Please Read this First

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    F1 2011 Modding FAQ
    To help everyone (and the newbies) out I thought it would be nice to have a FAQ for F1 2011's mods:​
    Q: I just bought F1 2011, what's the latest version?​
    A: Patch 1.2 is the latest, get it here (if you're using Steam you will have the latest version already)​
    Q: I installed the patch but now the game freezes when I select Drive Out (instead of Flying Lap)​
    A: You need to install Codemasters' Fix found here
    Q: When playing a long race weekend in Career or GP mode I notice that my brand new set of options that I never used in P1 have been worn down at the start of P2, what's going on?​
    A: This is a well-known bug that happens post-patch 1.2 and Codemasters decided not to fix. In order to avoid the bug you must return to your garage before time runs out in P1 and switch to a new set of tires before continuing to P2.​
    Q: My savegame keeps getting corrupted, whats with that?​
    A: Since patch 1.2 Codemasters made mistakes with the flow.bin file. Install the fix found here
    Q: OK, now that my game is patched and fixed I want to start installing some mods, what's the best way to do that?​
    A: Make a backup of your game first. Then use Ryder's Mod Manager or Generic Mod Enabler to enable/disable your mods.​
    Q: Will any mods prevent me from playing online?​
    A: Any mod that changes the database.bin file will likely prevent online play. This includes most Ai mods as well as ones that increase Flashbacks among others. Make sure to use the above programs so you can disable the appropriate mod before going online.​
    Q: Anything else I should know about database mods?​
    A: They tend to be incompatible with each other and may require you to create a new savegame. Make sure you backup your savegame before using a new database mod.​
    Q: Ok, backing up my savegame sounds like a great idea! But where are the files?​
    A: They should be in C:\Users\[USERNAME]\My Documents\My Games\FormulaOne2011\savegame​
    Just copy the folder and rename it as savegame_backup or similar.​
    Q: Any other game bugs I should know about?​
    A: When using some Ai mods there may be issues with Ai laptimes when not in view of the player (known as the Ai out-of-sight bug). This means that when out of view the Ai can be up to 2 seconds faster than the player making it very problematic to use some Ai mods. Make sure the Ai mod you are downloading mentions how they deal with this bug.​
    Q: Holy crap these mods are sweet! how do I express how much I'm enjoying them?​
    A: Say thank you to the modders in their threads, of course!​
    Q: I really like this mod, can I post it somewhere else?​
    A: Posting a link to the thread at RaceDepartment is not a problem. However, if you want to reupload a mod somewhere else you must ask the author's permission by PM'ing them and (if allowed) give appropriate credit.​
    Q: I want to make a compilation of my favorite mods and post that on RD, is that OK?​
    A: Even if you are just posting a mod pack on RD then you should still ask the authors' permission and give credit.​
    Q: I want to make an updated livery for one of the cars, but I don't want to start from scratch, can I borrow another modders work?​
    A: It's great that you want to do an update but you must ask the original author's permission first. Most guys are willing to let someone update if they are polite enough to ask and give appropriate credit when posting (if allowed).​
    Hope that helps you guys, enjoy the mods from RaceDepartment!​
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