F1 2011 mod in rfactor 2

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by hcrockso, Jan 15, 2012.

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  1. hcrockso


    Hi everybody!
    So I have an idea for an ultimate F1 2011 mod for rfactor 2.
    As most of you guys know Codemasters haven't met all the F1 sim lovers requirements with F1 2011 so why don't we make the ultimate F1 2011 sim for rfactor 2.

    Codemasters did a great job with modelling the cars and their extra accurate tracks but the physics and the AI was a complete disaster. Why don't we combine CMs models with rfactors awesome physics?!

    My idea is that we create a mod team and we export all the track and car 3D models from F1 2011 even the sounds maybe and import them to rfactor 2?

    The only thing I don't know much about is programming the physics and the AI but as I read it's not much different from rfactor 1. There are a few great F1 2011 mods for rfactor 1 so we could take a look at their physics and AI files and figure out the best combinations.

    Is anybody interested in such a project?
    There are so many modders out there and I think it would not take as much an effort as starting building from scratch because here we have all the car and track models finished so most of the work is already done, we just have to use it wisely...

    Hope to see here some ideas about that, and hope to see people who are willing to join the project!
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    My idea is that we are going to lock this thread and you don't create a new one about the same subject, deal?
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