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F1 2011 - Final developer diary and F1.com preview

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by RaceDepartment, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. RaceDepartment

    Administrator Staff

    The fourth and final F1 2011 developer diary video video features all new gameplay footage and reveals the all-new Safety Car in action alongside a range of season updates that make the game feel 'completely different.'

    "Safety car - a lot of people have been asking us for it. We'd always said we'd only do it when it was absolutely right, so now it's available in single player and multiplayer," said Stephen Hood, Chief Games Designer.

    "It's the wild card in the pack," added Paul Jeal, Senior Producer. "Maybe you're out in front, maybe you think you're out the points, and then this key event comes in. Can you dive into the pits and get a lap advantage on everyone else? You have to keep the distance to the car in front of you and behind, you need to do the weaving sequences to keep your tyres up to temperature"

    Together with the fourth developer diary formula1.com launched an exclusive video preview on their website. Watch it here.

    Leave your comments below and go much deeper into the game by visiting our F1 2011 The Game forums where the first online club races and high quality leagues have already started to shape up. Innovative new mods and of course our highly recommended setups will be released next week!

    Note: Codemasters promised to send RaceDepartment a review copy of the final version of F1 2011 The Game that should have arrived yesterday. Unfortunately we are still waiting for it but hopefully we can do a live Q&A with the community as soon as possible so stay tuned!

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  2. Gareth Squires

    Gareth Squires

    That F1.com preview takes a long time to load or is that just my bad PC. Anyhow this game looks like a cracker. Hope it lives up to all the hype!
  3. Brian Duddy

    Brian Duddy

    formula1.com has always taken the longest to load of any website I visit... ironic, isn't it?
  4. Phil Ciborowski

    Phil Ciborowski

    :cool:the video on F1 looks awesome, cant wait till tuesday!
  5. Mike85


    Absolutely amazing! :tongue: my only fear is that the engine sound especially the downshifting won't be as good as in the real f1 car ... fingers crossed for that
  6. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    All the features look nice, the game looks gorgeous again (as seems to be a standard for Codies) and they seem to be putting alot of effort in. BUT....... Will the physics be any good this time? Mind you, even if they are abit pants, give it a few weeks/months and it`ll be modded to death anyways lol
  7. Atanas Penchev

    Atanas Penchev

    Wow.Looks kinda improved yet then 2010. Cmmon .6 days left till.. "Houston ,we have a launch":cool:
  8. Diego Lopez

    Diego Lopez

    I have my Steam copy PRE-LOADED at it gets realeased @ 9AM Central Time here in the US. ^^ ahhhahaha