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F1 2010 stories

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by stbreaker, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. stbreaker


    I really like the game overall (esp after appplying a few mods), but some things are just frustrating... 50% distance, TC and ABS on since I'm using a controller. a few highlights:

    Start off the season in the Lotus. It's slow but the computer sucks in sector 2 so I can compete pretty well. Pit stop bug happens so I restart. I'm doing ok in about 5th (*sigh* no AI fuel simulation) when I come in to pit because my soft tires are shot (No AI tire simulation either?). Come out in about 11th. Chandok is the car in 10th and he is doing laps faster than the race-leader at about 2:01. Some of the AI cars finally pit and my fuel has burned off so I end up back in 8th or so. I get a flat on the front straight with 4 laps to go which I chose to negate with a rewind.

    Australia - Car is too slow on straights, esp with full fuel but AI sucks in sector 2. Puncture with about 7 laps to go - rewind time

    Malaysia - Team wants me to finish 12th since its our home race. Right.... I start on the softs and I've qualified in 9th. I get towards the end of my stint and it starts sprinkling. I stay out a few laps to see if its going to continue and then pit for inters. Come out somewhere in the high teens. It continues to rain and there is standing water on the track, but somehow the AI is lapping way faster than me... on the prime tire. It keeps raining and I have to pit again for full wets. The AI finally pits for full wets so I don't regain any of the positions I lost by going to inters. Finish in 22nd.

    China - It's raining at the start so I do pretty well. Running in first most of the race until it suddenly dries and I can't keep up anymore. Punture with 12 laps to go - rewind time

    Catalunya - I'm about 3 seconds off the pace in sector 2 no matter what setup I use. I figure I'll be ok in the race since it's raining... nope. The AI is still way faster than me and I finish a whole lap down on Trulli even. I manage to get 23rd by running into Alonso out of frustration and getting him the only DNF I've seen even now.

    Monaco - I try practice with a full fuel load and my times aren't even close to the AI. After the last race I'm pretty angry anyway so I turn off tire and fuel simulation and even damage. Qualify in 4th. I run most of the race on the soft tire since it doesnt degrade and pit with like 8 laps left. I'm running in second until I spin in sector 3. A couple cars pass me but I finish in 5th by fishtailing Alonso on the last lap.

    Istanbul - I do one of the R&D objectives because I need the grip in Q1. My roommate wants to go to a bar or something so I FF through the rest of the session and quit - knowing that if I quit through the engineer my save file may screw up. Come back last night.... save data is corrupted :damnit:

    Think I managed to catch about every bug there is at some point. Anyone else have good stories?
  2. Anthony Lucas

    Anthony Lucas

    my first season would have turned heads in the F1 world if it were real life.

    My choice of car was lotus also playing on intermediate difficulty no ABS, medium TCS Auto gears as i havent got the hang of gear changes on Xbox controller. Fuel sim on, tyre sim on and damage on.

    My first race in Bahrain was a great success in practice finished first fastest time with a 1:57 something. qualifying was better finished on pole with a 1:56 delighted 3 seconds ahead of opposition. In the race started great but the pace of McClaren and Ferrari got the better of my lotus was third before first corner and was thinking this race will be bad. Thanks to the way i play my strategy i was on primes at the start so i pit after Button and Alonso who had overtaken me on the first straight. Alonso managed to get ahead of me as i came out of the pits. Lost two places on the following three laps with 10 or 11 laps left i think cant remember too well. Managed to get third back as vettel slid out on second last turn and dropped four places or so as a result. 8 laps left i had to pit in so i thought i would never catch up but luckily Alonso pitted with 6 laps left and when he came out of the pit i was right behind him. Spun him out and with 5 laps Button was within my sight to solid laps of beating my PB times i was on his tail putting serious pressure on him. Managed to take him on the last straight as he took the corner wide after i forced the inside line with some late braking. First place finish.

    Melbourne was boring, qualified in fourth thanks to some good pit strategies finished second three cars DNF.

    Kuala Lumpar home race fantastic first place finish the team were delighted.

    Shanghai was my podium streak ender finished in fifth place still a points finish and well over the teams expectations.

    Barcelona was also another bad race qualified in tenth finished tenth.

    Monte Carlo was a pain in my behind qualified in fifth and finished third was very lucky to do so Vettel and Kubica crashed each other off and DNF allowing me in third.

    Istanbul qualfied in second finished first love the track know it like the back of my hand.

    Montreal and Valencia were also first place finishes.

    Silverstone set a blistering qualifiying lap of 1:26 but when i posted it on this site i was told i was lying. Finished in first ahead of Hamilton.

    Germany second place.

    Budapest and Spa finished in first in both.

    Monza third Suzuka eleventh i really lost it with that track so much so i wrote off Schumacher and Alonso.

    Last three races were all first place finishes and took the drivers championship by a landslide victory.

    Started my second season on professional bit more of a challenge and love it. Thats my first season in a nut shell the first race was by far the best and very memorable.

    Peace out hope you enjoy.
  3. Brent Plubell

    Brent Plubell

    My best strategic qualifying to date was at the Turkish GP.

    Normally, in qualifying, I put in 1 lap at the beginning of the session, just to get a time in, then wait until there is time for an out-lap and 2 flying laps (for a track with a 1:30 lap, I would wait until there is approx 3:10 left) and go out on minimum fuel, with just enough for 3 laps in my tank. That way, I cross the finish line just before the checkered flag, and am on fumes with a clear track ahead of me. I have pulled myself into Q2 & Q3 this way before.

    This race was different. The forecast was for 100% rain for Q3, but dry Q1 & Q2. It was also forecast to be a dry race. In practice, when it was raining, I was the fastest. However, when it was dry, I was around 10th - 13th. I knew that if I could make it to Q3, I had a good chance to be on the first two rows, if not take pole. I squeaked into Q3 using the above formula, and the moment Q3 started, I saw there was no rain. I quickly put on primes, and turned a lap in the dry. Just as I was making the last couple turns, it started to rain. By the time everyone else went out, it was pouring and they were on wets. Because I put a dry lap, I was on pole by 3.5 seconds.

    This game has many issues and frustrations, but overall, I am still thoroughly enjoying it.
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