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F1-2010 not a bad game

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Dutch De Jong, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. Dutch De Jong

    Dutch De Jong

    All i see on these threads is people complaining about F1-2010 being a bad game.
    But I see that differently because most of the problems arent the fault of Codemaster, Most of these problems are caused by the FIA.

    For example:
    Damage - FIA doesnt want their cars to be smashed up big time in a game, nor see their cars burn completly.

    And F1-2010 wasnt made to be a simulator but more like an arcade racer with sim elements.

    Im in my 3rd season with Mclaren now, and with a few tiny tweaks/mods this is a very very good game, not too hard not too easy.
    Im enjoying myself very much.

    And true the Codies can improve on certain aspects of the game (dedicated server for instance) but thats the case with all games, NO game is perfect.

    I rest my case here.
  2. Will Reynolds

    Will Reynolds

    Perfectly said!
  3. Shuey


    Could not agree more! Looking forward to 2011 version I certainly will buy it.
  4. karbinder


    Couldnt agree more with u idd, every game has it flaws bugs etc, with some tweaks and mods the game is for sure enjoyable. In my 5th Season atm in my career driving for Red Bull atm ;-))
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