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F1 2009 DLC Sugestion

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Ricardo Fonseca, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Ricardo Fonseca

    Ricardo Fonseca

    First of all this is not my ideia, it´s a post i saw in the codmasters community F12010 thread, i just think it´s a great ideia...what do you think? I would definitily buy it.

    Heres´s the post ( link: http://community.codemasters.com/forum/f1-2010-game-1316/441390-f1-dlc-idea-2009-season.html )

    " I was wondering whether it would be possible to for CM to release the 2009 season as DLC for PS3/360/PC.

    CM has the licence for the 2009 as well all know

    Once the Nurburgring F1 track is done for F1 2011 they will have all the tracks and we know the cars all exist in Ego Engine game form from the early screenshots for 2010 before they had got the 2010 cars signed off.

    Some of the programming from the Wii/PSP F1 2009 release could be transferred over for things like KERS/refuelling.

    All in all it would be possible to put it together with very little effort.

    They could release it in two forms;

    1) A version for people who haven't got F1 2010, which would be DLC for around £20 (thats about what Sony charged for GT5P on the PSN Store). This would include the cars and tracks of 2009 with a Championship mode (which would allow you to play as a driver from the season or as yourself) Time Trial, Single Race and Online.

    2) A version for people that have got F1 2010, again this would be DLC and it would have all the same things as the other version except the only track it would have would be the Nurburgring GP track (as all the other tracks from the 2009 season are on the F1 2010 disc). I would price that at around £8 (the going rate for addons on the PSN store).

    What do you think?"
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