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F1 2008 Mod

Günthar Rowe

True2Life Racing
Feb 24, 2008

ReadMe said:
F1 2008 Grand Prix of Europe / Valencia Street for GTR Evo by Po 911 and Tor Tor

- Cars update for valencia race

Realized from the MOD Rfactor “F1RFT 2008 for rFactor”
***See below for the authorization***

Physics by Po911 and a few elements from the mod F12007 by perfectdark


V0.95 the 16/10/08

This MOD includes/understands 22 Formulas 1 of the season 2008
All the elements of these cars were reproduced:

- Body, pilot, helmets, tires, ...
- Physics (suspensions, models of tires,...)
- Engines, limp speeds

Garage menu for 7th gear

There is still work to do on motec...
Any help is welcome


You are not authorized to use whole or part of this MOD without our permission.
In all the cases, that would be sympathetic of your share to inform us at least.

Can you also indicate to us if you give our MOD in remote loading or if you have a
bond on our site (to have a sight on the diffusion).

You use this MOD at your own risks.

We are not responsible in the event of problems or of damage.

Any modification made later on on this MOD will be placed at the disposal of all community (include us).

In a more general way, this MOD cannot be used at commercial purposes

Authorisation (Emails from mod F1RFT 2008):

----- Original Message -----
From: Maglódi Imre
To: nr
Sent: Monday, March 17, 2008 1:52 AM
Subject: Válasz: Mod F1 2008 Rfactor


Yes .

I am glad to hear that.

Good at game . Good at game the GTR


--------------Eredeti üzenet--------------

Feladó: nr
Dátum: 03/16/08 21:47:50
Címzett: maglodi@szasztv.hu
Tárgy: Mod F1 2008 Rfactor

I discovered your mod F1 2008for Rfactor (congartulations for a realease before the fist GP of the season)
I have made a part of the mod F1 2007 for GTR2 (it's a mod from Rfactor)
I would like to use some parts of your mod for GTR2 (Il will do phsysics, but I'd like to use your mappings and skins)
Do you agree
Thanks by advance


Crédits for the original mod:


A F1RFT 2008 mod csak rFactor alatt mûködik, melyet elötte felkell installálni.A Formula 1-es modifikáció a 2008-as évad autóit tartalmazza.
Sajnos még nem készült el a Valencia és a Singapur pálya. A modhoz készül hamarosan a Trackpack is..

Az autók festése a 2008 februári állapotot tükrözi. Folyamatosan fog készülni hozzá skin és modell módosítás, ahogy a valóságban is változik.
A pilóták sisakja és ruházata is a késõbbiekben lesz frissítve.

Két féle fizika került beépítésre. Az egyik a jól bevált 2007 es BMW, és a másik valamivel gyorsabb 2008-as BMW módosítás.
Ezek feltelepítése az installálás után vagy azonnal, vagy késõbb az rfactor könyvtárában lévõ utils mappában lévõ start.exe programmal
inditható. Ugyanitt kap helyt a TVstyleinstall, melyet a jól ismert DINIX project készített.

Plussz érdekessége a modnak, hogy sérüléskor realisztikusabb az autók törése. Valamint erõsebb, illetve gyengébb számítógépekre is
konfigurálható. Két opciót lehet választani. Ha valakinek akadozik a játék, az utils mappában lévõ start.exe programban kiválaszthatja és
felinstallálhatja a gyengébbik módot. Ez segíthet az FPS növelésében.


F1RFT 2008: Alapértelmezett modifikáció

F1RFt 2008 L: Az F1RFt liga "teli tankos kvalifikációs rendszer"

TVstyle install. A 0.91-es update az utils/tvstyleinstall mappában található.

2007 es setupok az utils/setup mappában

Alapértelmezésben az F1RFt 2008 fizika és az erõsebb gépekhez lévõ opció van felinstallálva. A TVstyle-t a cliensnek kell feltelepíteni.

Az F1RFT 2008 letölthetõ a szasztv.hu/F1RFT oldalról. Ez a modifikáció elsõsorban az F1RFt ligának készült. Illetlenség, ha a mod egyébb
részeit más célra használják fel, vagy annak tartalmát más liga a sajátjaként tünteti fel.

Az F1RFT 2008 F1 2001 es konverzió. Mindennemû hasonlóság más moddal szemben csak a véletlen mûve lehet.


modellezés, grafika, project: Sompir (Maglódi Imre)
Grafika: Robson (Kollár Róbert)

Elérhetõség: web: http://szasztv.hu/F1RFT, E-mail: maglodi@szasztv.hu

Mindenkinek jó szórakozást az F1RFT 2008 használatához.


What should you know, about the F1RFT 2008 modifications!

The F1RFT 2008 mod work only, with the complete installation, of the rFactor, so first makes the full install of the game.
In this modification you have the complete 2008 Formula One Season cars and teams. Unfortunately the Valencia and the
Singapore tracks aren’t ready yet. Soon we will make a track pack for this mod.

The cars designs and paintings bring you the 2008 Februaries situation. We will make permanent skin and model modifications when
the real designs will change. The driver suits and helmets will be upgraded so.

You’il find two kinds of physics. One of them is the well known 2007 BMW-SAUBER and the other is a little bit faster 2008 BMW-SAUBER
modification. This options you can install with the “start.exe” located in the “utils” folder in the main directory of the game. You will also find here
the well known “TV style” installer made by the DINIX project.

Also in this mod you will see more realistic effects when you crash or damaging your car.
In this mod can be configured on less performance and high system performances for your pc. You will find two options, which can be installed
with the “starter.exe” located in the utils folder. So can be installed low-resolution or high-resolution mod, depending on your system performance.
This can help to have a higher and better FPS.

You can download the F1RFT 2008 mod from “http://www.szasztv.hu/F1RFT” web page. This modification is made in first place for F1RFT League.
The files in this mod may not be modified by anyone or converted to another mod or video game unless permission is granted by me. All files in this
Mod are Copyrighted by F1RFT League. The F1RFT 2008 mod is a conversion of F1 2001. Any kind of similitudes with other modes it is poor accidental.

Copyright & Permissions

This mod is freekly available to anyone, is strictly not for profit, and may not be used for commercial purposes. I have no relationship with the FIA
or any of the teams or sponsors, and copyrights of those products reside with the individual copyright holders. The material provided
in this mod is not connected to Image Space Inc. This mod may not be profited from commercially by a third party .I accept no responsibilities for losses
or damage resulting from the use of this mod.


- Modeling, graphics, project: Sompir (Maglódi Imre)
- Design: Badjo (Kollár Róbert)

Philip Oakley

Feb 16, 2009
I am new here, please don't shout at me.

I was trying to play this on my online installation, and I get one car (me), although I can select any driver within the teams. The other thing is the car automatically accelarates, even if I if I am not pressing any buttons on Pedals. I think it is because I am trying to play in online mode, and maybe the mod is for GTR ERvo ofline only. Is there anyway to convert the mod (or all mods) from offline to online?


Jan 19, 2009
you need to set ai opponents in the race setup screen

and go to options / controllers and make sure you gas an brake are mapped correctly


Nov 15, 2008
...into the Gamedata/Teams/F1_2008 Folder. Overwrite the "old" file.
But it doesn´t work! As you said, still one tap and the car is unrepairable.


Feb 28, 2009
I'm new to GTR-E and have installed this mod but can't see where to enable it in the OFFLINE game. I know it installed into the gtr evolution offline folder.
Can somebody please point me in the right direction to playing this mod. Thanks.

Dustin Barton

Oct 5, 2008
Wow. I was going about 30 MPH and BARELY touched another car and all of a sudden the power cuts from my car and smoke is coming out the back...damage unrepairable. This mod is a joke, honestly.

Philip Oakley

Feb 16, 2009
The cars are ok...it's just the coding that's the wrong thing. Maybe when I have learnt a bit more about GTR Evo, I will try and redo the coding.

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
Staff member
Sep 4, 2007
The cars are ok...it's just the coding that's the wrong thing. Maybe when I have learnt a bit more about GTR Evo, I will try and redo the coding.
Please make sure if you plan to do any based on an existing mod that you get proper permission from the original creators before making anything public. :)

Philip Oakley

Feb 16, 2009
@Dave Stevenson I know, I play Grand Prix 4, we have had a lot of leeching the past few months, everyone modding gp4 is being very careful atm.

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