F1 2006 v1.2 by CTDP released!

Some time has passed, other projects needed more attention and higher priority, but now it's finally there, CTDP F1 2006 v1.2. Being originally planned as small maintenance patch only, more work has been put into refining physics and eliminating some known issues. But there is another feature worth mentioning, the so-called Mod Deriver, that allows you to create your own league physics making the league token obsolete. Please check the website and changelog for more information and download links.



Please note that due to the expected traffic we will start providing CTDP F1 2006 v1.2 via torrent before we add more download links in the coming days.

CTDP would like to thank all people being involved in the F1 2006 mod as well as the rfactor community for critical but nonetheless useful comments and encouraging words.
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