F1 1964 Cooper T73 mod released



hi to all simracing fans,
just wanna let you know the historic openhweeler mod is released.

Available for GT Legends and GTR2 aswell, for more check this:
<mod edit: rfactor mods can be added here http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/categories/rfactor.103/>

Although it is a single car add-on, the mod pack also includes a few non Cooper manufacturer related skins in different racing team colors (Ferrari, BRM etc.), we call it "car mock-ups".
To fake better the full F1 1964 race grid feeling, such team cars use slightly different body parts (engine pipes, wheels) etc.), but all these cars use same physics and sounds like the original Cooper T73 car.

The rFactor mod version got a few early 60's Indy racer car mock-ups aswell, based on Lotus 29 and Lotus 38.
Aside a lot of newly made extra skins for the rFactor leaque racing there is a brand new driver head mesh made, comparing to current GTL/GTR2 mod relase.

Enjoy ;)
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