F Vee - Improve AI in fast corners

So I'm loving this game, especially the Formula Vees. But at 100% I'm beating them by an average of 2 seconds a lap on the GSCE tracks. I'm not pushing really hard, just driving clean. Most of the time it's close racing, except on 1 or 2 turns where for some reason they are unreasonably slow. It's usually what should be a faster turn requiring just a little lift or something, but they are slowing down to noob speeds. I really don't want to adjust the difficulty setting up to compensate for those corners, because they end unrealistically out-accelerating me down the straights or pushing me through the other corners. Anyone know any way to tweak those corners to get a more competitive race?
Oh, I have tried the "learning", but it doesn't seem to help. Still usually an issue of slowing too much in a corner, not a bad line (which the learning helps). The vee is a momentum car and needs to carry speed when it can.

Improves AI performance at a track for a specific car.

FYI. I've been pushing the difficulty up slowly. I'm finding 105 to 110% more consistent with my times, which are still probably less than realistic. Unfortunately, there are still some corners where they burn me, and others where they are unnecessarily slow. But overall, best AI I've raced against. Running the aggression at 0%, but they will still battle you without driving through you.