F-USA Gen. 3 Fontana

I had a very hard time trying to finda solution to the wicked oversteer I experienced with the default setup at Fontana.
I can't get you a link, but what helped me to get a stable car that can run in the 30's is:
A click less front wing (1).
2 clicks more Weight Jacker ( 3).
2 clicks less ride height front and rear.
2 clicks more bumper stop, front and rear.

This made the car drivable and took about 3 seconds of my time.
Not sure how long the tires will last ( 20 laps for softs RF?)!
Be aware, I have no idea what I'm doing and this may not be ideal.
If anyone else has some tips, feel free to join in.

The fact that this is the 2nd post in this thread confirms my idea that sharing setups is a thing of the past and died with the hippy dream.
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