F&F Lukoil Lada Racing (Fictional)

Skins F&F Lukoil Lada Racing (Fictional) 1.0

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Moectopus submitted a new resource:

F&F Lukoil Lada Racing (Fictional) - A new russian team concept

Ahoy ya scallywags! Today I've got another loot fer ye!

I heard that ye humans do celebrate today again wit' givin' presents t' yer loved onces 'n so I thought I could kinda react on that too wit' a neek wee mod:
'ave ye also asked yourself wha' would 'ave happened if th' main sponsor o' F1 helmsman Sergey Sirotkin, Lukoil, would 'ave bought williams? Or at least beein' th' new main sponsor o' th' traditional crew?
That's exactly wha' I asked meself 'n created fer ye th' F&F LUKOIL...

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