Extremely slow progress in development on my cars

Discussion in 'Motorsport Manager' started by Kimhaag, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. Kimhaag


    Hi. Been playing MM for two weeks now, and are in my 3rd season, in the highest tier (F1 - using the ICE mod 17). As soon as ive developed a component i immediately started to develope the same part to continue getting a better part. but i cant get my component(lets say it is the front wing) to rise on the overall tabel, for front wings. Is there a bug or is there something im doing wrong? ive upgrade my HQ (yeah, with a little help from cheat engine). any suggestions?
  2. McLaren7


    sound strange...if you see the front wing or any part get better(perfomance) than old one..then you actually make a better front winger or any part than old one but not rise in car stats i guess AI are still better than your front winger or any part ? therefor no rise in Front winger or overall.
    when you make a new front winger sometime its not max. perfomance. need to "repair" to get max. perfomance.

    low ranking team are so far away from top team..take time...and remember top team get also a lots money to buy strong engine and they too make better cart part.

    as long you make car part better(perfomance) than old one so keeping with that. one day you rise in overall..or go to ICE mod 17 forum in steam and ask creators.
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  3. Louka81


    Don't worry you are not doing anything wrong.

    It's the mod you have choosen that is at fault. That particuler mod is massively unbalanced concerning the data. It's very pleasing to the eye but internally it's screwed.

    Changes were made with an idea in mind but they forgot to think about the game as a whole.

    Increasing the money the sponsers gave you but not increasing the cost of parts or HQ buildings as example or narrowing the field in terms of performance but not taking in to account part developement as another example.

    I'm sure they will bring the status quo back, as they are working on it and asking people for help, but for now the balance of that mod is completely screwed like a plane with all the fatties siting on one side.