Extreme E | Monger, Chandhok, Duval and More Express Interest In First Race

A raft of big name drivers have registered interest in taking part in the first ever 'Extreme E' electric SUV off-road racing series.

Developed with the intention of bringing racing to the most remote parts of the world, whilst highlighting environment impact and change in a sustainable way, Extreme E is a brand new initiative by the people who brought Formula E into the world nearly six years ago - and already the new category can boast some impressive names from all around the world of international motorsport.

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With the first race of the new concept yet to take place, the series recently opened their 'Driver Development Process', where prospective entrants can register interest in participating in the series once the first event gets the green light in the near future.

Already the series has plenty of established drivers looking to give this impressive initative a try. The second group of inductees into the programme includes; the first British competitor to win the Dakar Rally, Sam Sunderland; sportscar and DTM star Loïc Duval; former Formula E and Formula 1 driver Karun Chandhok; young British single-seater racer Billy Monger; ABB FIA Formula E racers Jérôme d'Ambrosio, Daniel Abt, Antonio Felix da Costa, and Oliver Turvey; Japanese superbiker Takuma Aoki; GT driver James Rossiter; European Rally Champion Chris Ingram, and Hungarian rallycross and rallying heroes Krisztián Szabó and Zoltán Bessenyey.

These are the second group of inductees since the programme launched back in September, and join such names as Bruno Senna, WRX stars Kevin and Timmy Hansen, DTM star Timo Scheider, Seb Ogier of World Rally Championship fame, inaugural W Series Champion Jamie Chadwick and several other established stars from the motorsport world.

For more information on Extreme E, check out the series website HERE.

(Electric) Motorsport is AWESOME!

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This is going to be all sorts of awesome with Billy Monger and Jamie Chadwick and a few ex Le Mans drivers in there too its going to be one wild ride!


Ecological isn't the reason why they're racing E-class cars, be it these trucks (sigh...) or Formula cars. Probably all kinds of car-brands are going to put their names on these cars too and use it for promotion more than anything.

It's not as bad as Lamborghini Urus racing class, that really gave me a wtf moment.. Next is the Jaguar iPace racing class, I mean..

I like all kinds of motorsports, but mostly the ones where the cars are actual race cars and built as such. Here though they even mention 'SUV' on their website which makes me want to skip this class too (no, lineup isn't everything).


Electric is why the US government is still in Afghanistan and wants to take over Bolivia... LITHIUM. It's ironic.... Electric batteries are not a solution. They're energy intensive and leave hazardous waste, plus generating electrical power to charge them is not always clean.

Ruy Horta

Spot on, not what most people choose to hear / read though...

First the race to control Lithium resources is a repeat of the race to control oil resources and most other strategic resources.

The waste part is going to be the spoiler, big time.
Electric batteries are not clean energy, it is another kind of polution.

Some parallels to nuclear power, albeit less long term.

Now driving an electric car with energy generated in a nuclear power plant, zero emissions, right?!?

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