Exporting to GTR2 and EVO not working ??

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by lukaslayne, May 28, 2010.

  1. lukaslayne


    Been playing around with the demo of BTB for evo.

    I've created a simple track and exported to gtr2 so I can generate a hat file for the evo version problem is as soon as I load the track Gtr2 crashes to desktop, so It hasn't created a hat file because I couldnt drive the track. ( exported the same track to rFactor ( using btbpro and no problems at all )

    Also when trying to export to evo, Path not found The file f:\gtr evolution\Race_steam.exe is not found, its not found as my exe is race07.exe I have the full version of gtr evo which includes race07, not sure whats going on

    Any Ideas..
  2. FerrariMan96


    I own pro not evo but when i export to rfactor I export to C:\Program Files\rFactor

    I Own GTR Evo so if i was exporting to evo i would export to C:\Program Files\Simbin\GTR Evolution (I use offline).

    If you use online (which by the looks of what you said above i think you do) you should (I think) be exporting to C:\Program Files\Steam\<<YOUR-USER-NAME>>\steamapps\Race 07 or something like that.

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