Exporting to GTR2 and EVO not working ??

Been playing around with the demo of BTB for evo.

I've created a simple track and exported to gtr2 so I can generate a hat file for the evo version problem is as soon as I load the track Gtr2 crashes to desktop, so It hasn't created a hat file because I couldnt drive the track. ( exported the same track to rFactor ( using btbpro and no problems at all )

Also when trying to export to evo, Path not found The file f:\gtr evolution\Race_steam.exe is not found, its not found as my exe is race07.exe I have the full version of gtr evo which includes race07, not sure whats going on

Any Ideas..


I own pro not evo but when i export to rfactor I export to C:\Program Files\rFactor

I Own GTR Evo so if i was exporting to evo i would export to C:\Program Files\Simbin\GTR Evolution (I use offline).

If you use online (which by the looks of what you said above i think you do) you should (I think) be exporting to C:\Program Files\Steam\<<YOUR-USER-NAME>>\steamapps\Race 07 or something like that.

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