Exported BTB track overrides other BTB Track in rFactor

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by JDenker, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. JDenker


    Hey guys,
    i got one track exported from BTB to rFactor.. which is:

    VenueName: JDRallyecross
    VenueTrackname: Track01

    .. so all is fine..

    now i created a second track.. i exported this one as

    VenueName: JDRallyecross
    VenueTrackname: Track02

    now.. only Track02 is available in Locations Folder and in rFactor + Track01 is gone.. why is that?..

    Do you guys have a workaround. How do you export multiple tracks into rfactor?..

    Thanks & Cheers
  2. R Soul

    R Soul

    In the Export window is a 'clear folder' option which clears the 'venue name' folder. It would be nice if it just cleared the 'track name' folder instead, but we'll just have to live with it.

    So, uncheck the clear folder option. It can speed up the export if you also uncheck the 'overwrite AIW file' option, and just turn it on after changing the racing line, grid positions etc.

    A substitute for 'clear folder' is to go to your rFactor tracks folder and delete the contents of Track02 from there.
  3. JDenker


    Thanks R Soul,

    so i did that but now.. rFactor crashes if i want to load a track.. wether its my track or a track which comes w/ rFactor..
    do you uncheck the clear folder option on the second track you export or also on the first track?..
    i only did it at the second track..
    in rFactor i now see both tracks but as said above, rFactor crashes if i want to load any track..

    VenueName is JDRallycross and VenueTracknames are RallyecrossA and RallycrossB ....

    Running Win7 Ultimate.

    // Okay THANKS!!

    Forgot what i just said.. its an Win7 Issue. just realized that!.. i dont delete that post cause maybe some Win7 User will have the same Problem...
    You need to start rFactor as Admin.. then it will work fine.

    Thank you!
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