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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by kohnboy, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. kohnboy


    Am continuing to work on my Kai Tak GT Circuit and while I'm getting closer to what I'd like am finding the file when exported to GTR2 is huge (+300 MB). And this is before I'm ready to upload for testing.

    Have been looking for threads for guidance under searches for SIZE, FILE, FOLDER, PACKING, COMPRESSING, etc... Most deal with DDS files or how to pack the file once the track is complete.

    I'm far from complete. Any advice on what I should be doing to minimize the exported folder size now?
    I would guess I'm about 60% done. Still need to add background buildings, some finishing touches and a skydome.

    Do I have to begin not only exporting the track after each update but then compress it as well before testing?

    When testing with a big grid (40 cars) am finding the game becomes unstable and I get some flashing text and issues with the HUD. If I take the same cars to another track (with a track folder size of less than 50MB or less) it runs fine.

    Much appreciate any advice so I can get down to it this weekend.
    Will post a new video soon as well.

    Thank you.
  2. martinez


    Check textures' sizes - I see many great traks, but they use way too big textures IMO. Say you want to use some texture of stone in just one place - I would never think about taking 2048x2048 texture for it. I also don't see any difference between DTX1/no alpha and DTX3/explicit alpha (100% opaque) - that is 25% file size reduction for DTX1. Also MipMaps - using more than 4 MipMaps (if any at all) is a waste. I don't even know how GTR2 looks, but for RBR's original tracks they did not use any MipMaps (nor they were saved within textures) and these tracks still look the best :)
  3. Paul Minnaar

    Paul Minnaar

    Kohnboy - what I have also noticed when exporting - specifically to GTR or GTL - is that the MAS and TEX folders are really large and CAN BE DELETED from the locations folder after export.

    I found all data in the location root is sufficient to run the circuit without those two folders, works just fine and will be around 59mb.
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