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Experience the Assetto Corsa Press Event

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Marco Bijl, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    Axe Travels Premium

    RaceDepartment received an invitation from Kunos for the press event to celebrate the upcoming version 1.0 of their racing simulator, Assetto Corsa.

    The challenge proposed was very clear. An offer for a unique opportunity to experience how it feels to drive some of the greatest GT cars, both in their simulator, and on track. Back to back testing, and comparing. This was all to take place at their headquarters, the Autodromo di Vallelunga – Rome, Italy.

    The confidence needed to organize an event like this, shows that Kunos is certain of its product, and has strong believes in the sense of reality this simulation brings. Exact details were not revealed, so we had no idea which cars might be there, or what the day had in store for us. But naturally, we could not resist and after some discussing within the staff forum, two of our resident staff members were selected to experience this great opportunity to see for ourselves if and how realistic this simulation actually is.

    After a nice flight in, we arrived at the Vallelunga Park Hotel, located 50 meters away from the entrance of the track offering an amazing view over the first part of the track. The entire place literally breathes racing, in all its pure forms. From racing tires, to bumpers, from hoods to the gloves of Michael Schumacher, it’s all there. The moment you wake up, you are welcomed by the glorious smell of burning rubber, and the roaring sounds of the engine getting pushed hard onto the first set of flowing corners.


    We got a warm welcome from Kunos, and after the needed paperwork, got our access pass for the track. We packed our gear together, and started the quest, determined not to leave the track before we were convinced of the quality of Assetto Corsa.

    The first thing we ran into, was a nicely decorated pit box, and the roaring sounds of the Assetto Corsa game. A closer inspection showed four normal racing seats, with Fanatec wheels, and one motion simulator. The screen of the simulator was black, which immediately took our attention... The first nice conclusion of the day, Oculus Rift DK2 support was working! One thing that we needed to check out for sure.


    After a brief walk around the area, the official press conference started. Following an Italian version, which sounded like a total mystery to our non-italian speaking staff, luckily we were given an English version so non-italians could understand it as well. Again, the objective of the day was clearly stated. Is the term Simulazione used in a righteous way, or are we looking at “just” another racing game with great looks?

    To make sure the term Simulazione is used correctly, Kunos has great attention for factual details. All the official content in the game is officially licensed, and with that built on 100% real-life specifications. To get the closest to real feeling cars and the tyres they use have to behave as they should, and it needs to be accurate, no values are guessed, or estimated.

    Announced improvements made on the tire model are:
    • Blistering: When the tires get too hot, small "heat bubbles" will form, and then little pieces get ripped from the surface of the tire.
    • Graining: Very often, this happens when the tires are getting abused, or is a bit too cold for the treatment it get's, it can very easily happen at the start of a race, if the tires are not brought up to correct temperature.
    Blistering and graining are non-reversible, and you will lose grip and have slower lap times once you've encountered these problems. This is also a reason why pitstops are very important for Kunos to get out. For now, Kunos announced that pit stops will be on multiplayer only. Eventually, AI will be capable of pitting as well, but there is no indication given on when that will be.

    A nice addition to the current content is going to be LaFerrari. This recently announced flagship model of Ferrari, features some unique specifications, and of course, Kunos has brought them into the game. The unique KERS system does not only work as extra boost, but also adds to braking ability utilising the resistance of the electric motors when the traction control is engaged. This recharges the KERS system, and helps the driver to keep the car under control simultaneously. As soon as the full grip is returned in the tires, the energy is released again to boost the car away. This unique feature is found only in Assetto Corsa.

    So, after all these nice words, it was time to do some checking for ourselves. After looking around some more, we noticed a very familiar track on one of the normal rigs. The GT on the screen was screaming downhill, rapidly approaching Eau Rouge, and it looked stunning!

    SPA (3).jpg SPA (7).jpg SPA (5).jpg SPA (2).jpg

    Now we all know, looks aren’t everything. We are still challenging the game here, so just the looks, is simply not enough. We want the real deal, the closest thing to the real experience. Unfortunately, most of us do not get the opportunity to drive on real life tracks every week, so we did not know the real track of Spa well enough, to compare. An expert on the matter was needed, and we found one. Mr. Gabriele Piana is one of the instructors of RSRNurburg. They have a driving academy on both the Nürburgring, and Spa Francorchamps, and he has done many, many miles on both tracks. Gabriele was able to check out the track, and watch for those special places only a regular knows. His verdict was very short. Spot on. The only thing he could see that was missing was a cone here and there. Since we had the opportunity, we naturally invited Gabriele to test the Nürburg GP as well, after a few laps, he came to the exact same conclusion. Spot on again!

    This left us with Vallelunga. This time we had our own experience from the game, to compare with the real deal. We had the option to be driven around by a professional, to ensure the closest comparison possible, or to try out one of the cars present under the supervision of a professional.

    Cars2rev1.jpg Cars1rev1.jpg

    As they wanted to keep the cars in one piece, we were not allowed to push the car. Despite that, the feeling on the track, the flow in the corners, the elevation and drops, and the elimination of sight due to those height differences was so good that with the right settings in the game, it’s exactly the same as on the real track. After doing some intense practicing at home, it felt almost natural the first time on the track; it was almost as if it was not the first time there.

    The laserscan technology seems to work out. As we can see on the pictures and in the animation, the amount of data registered during such a scan, is enormous. This is good news for us, as it results in super accurate tracks for us to enjoy.


    What can we expect for the coming time? Well, we do not know. We have no exact dates, as they were not released to us. What we do have, is a nice overview of the announced content of version 1.0, and the announced DLC.

    Version 1.0 CARS:

    Abarth 500 EsseEsse
    Abarth 500 EsseEsse S1 (upgrade*)
    Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde
    BMW 1 Series M Coupè
    BMW 1 Series M Coupè S3 (upgrade*)
    BMW M3 E30 Sport Evolution
    BMW M3 E30 Sport Evolution S1 (upgrade*)
    BMW M3 E30 Sport Evolution Drift (upgrade*)
    BMW M3 E30 Group A
    BMW M3 E30 Group A 1992 version
    BMW M3 E92
    BMW M3 E92 S1 (upgrade*)
    BMW M3 E92 Drift (upgrade*)
    BMW M3 E92 GT2
    BMW Z4 E89 35is
    BMW Z4 E89 35is S1 (upgrade*)
    BMW Z4 E89 35is Drift (upgrade*)
    BMW Z4 GT3
    Classic Team Lotus Type 49
    Classic Team Lotus Type 98T
    Ferrari F1 312T
    Ferrari 458 Italia
    Ferrari 458 Italia S3 (upgrade*)
    Ferrari 458 GT2
    Ferrari 599XX Evo
    Ferrari F40
    Ferrari F40 S3 (upgrade*)
    Ferrari LaFerrari
    Lotus Elise SC
    Lotus Elise SC S1 (upgrade*)
    Lotus Elise SC S2 (upgrade*)
    Lotus Evora GTC
    Lotus Evora GTE
    Lotus Evora GTE Carbon
    Lotus Evora GX
    Lotus Evora S
    Lotus Evora S S2 (upgrade*)
    Lotus Evora SR
    Lotus Exige 240R
    Lotus Exige 240R S3 (upgrade*)
    Lotus Exige S
    Lotus Exige S Roadster
    Lotus Exige Scura
    Lotus Exos 125
    Lotus Exos 125 S1 (upgrade**)
    McLaren MP4-12C
    McLaren MP4-12C GT3
    Mercedes AMG SLS
    Mercedes AMG SLS GT3
    Scuderia Glickenhaus P4/5 Competizione
    Pagani Huayra
    Pagani Zonda R
    AC Shelby Cobra 427S/C
    Tatuus Formula Abarth

    Version 1.0 Tracks:

    Drag strip
    Drift test circuit
    Nurburgring GP
    Nurburgring Sprint
    Imola “Enzo & Dino Ferrari”
    Autodromo di Monza
    Monza historic 1966
    Silverstone International
    Silverstone National
    Spa Francorchamps
    Trento Bondone hill climb
    Vallelunga Club

    FREE CONTENT AFTER 1.0 Release!

    Ruf Yellowbird
    Nissan GTR
    Corvette stingray C7
    Silverstone historical 60s
    Monza 1962
    Abarth 595ss vintage
    Abarth 500 Assetto Corse (race car)
    Toyota GT86
    Alfa Romeo Mito Quadrifoglio Verde
    Scuderia Glickenhaus P4/5
    Audi R8 Plus (2014)
    Audi S1 Quattro
    Lotus Exige R-Cup
    Scuderia Glickenhaus P4/5 Competizione
    2012 Hybrid


    Nurburgring Nordschleife
    Sauber Mercedes C9
    Corvette C7R GTE
    Nissan GTR GT3
    Alfa Romeo 4C
    Alfa Romeo GTA
    Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI
    McLaren P1
    McLaren F1 GTR
    Ruf RT 35 S
    Mercedes 190 E 2.6-16 Evolution 2

    A very impressive list, considering all that is present is officially licensed, and fully accurate. It is a lot to look forward to, and we are confident that the additional cars and tracks announced are a joy for the sight, and one hell of a drive.

    So, where does that leave us after the day. To be honest, the verdict over the question asked was simple to us. Yes, Assetto Corsa deserves the title Simulazione. The experience we had, has confirmed that this is as close as it can get to real racing and now we are looking forward to the full release of this amazing title. Exact dates are not known at this moment, but according to the facebook page of Kunos, important news is to be announced this week! We await that what is coming, and are looking forward to take the newly announced ladies out on the track.

    We would like to thank Kunos for this amazing opportunity!

    Check out the rest of these videos including in-game and real life footage.

    AC Gameplay: LaFerrari @ SPA
    Lotus Racing @ Vallelunga
    Assetto Corsa Teaser
    AC Gameplay: 312T @ Imola
    Kunos Pit Garage
    The Cars Available to Drive
    Laps in GT86
    Close up RSeat Motion Simulator movement
    Short overall impression Press event

    For more on Assetto Corsa make sure to visit the forums, up- and download your favorite mods and share your videos and photos with the rest of the community.
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  2. Rickne


    So , about multiplayer? Great content and all that but I sure hope the release version of online play is completely different to what we have now.
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  3. Alvaro de la Orden

    Alvaro de la Orden

    Thank you for the review of such an important event!
    Can't wait!
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  4. SunBro


    Zandvoort, yellowbird and the whole goddamn dreampack dlc are making me dizzy. Damn i need to lay down... oh sauber c9 sweet beauty
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  5. Robert vd Heide

    Robert vd Heide
    Piloting RC Helicopters and sim Racecars

    i would love to buy one of those grey Kunos shirts

    anyone knows if they are for sale ? and where to find ?
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  6. CrzBonKerz


    This is very exciting news, thank you for covering! I didn't realize what content was coming after 1.0 and in the dream pack.

    I just really hope that we can enjoy combined Nurburg for some 24h of the ring. :)
  7. LTC_Mike


    Thanks for that nice report. Maybe I have not recognized it or its not mentioned so far, but could you please explain what "(upgrade*)" and "(upgrade**)" means in the cars list above.
  8. Hany Alsabti

    Hany Alsabti

    WOW zandvoort :D
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  9. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff Premium

    Yes Sir :) The upgrades are based on real versions of the cars. To be honest, there is no explanation of the **, but I assume it's just an typo, and that it should be one * there as well.

    The upgrades available, are, as I said based on real life. It can be as simple as: Lotus are selling this car in a basic config, quite cheap to buy, and is 'low spec', while the S2 upgrade can be the most racey version Lotus sells, lighter, more power, stiffer suspension etc. but nevertheless, it is an actual car you can get from Lotus.

    Did that make any sense at all?

    I am also slightly surprise that no-one have mentioned the AC Shelby Cobra 427S/C yet!
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  10. LTC_Mike


    THX :) ... makes sense so far, but now I am a little confused about what those cars are like in the actual version and what has to be updated for 1.0 :whistling:

    And that Shelby was seen in the promo video as well ... so not so much a surprise to me but a hard fact now that a former mod car has made it into 1.0 release :thumbsup:
  11. Ryan Ogurek

    Ryan Ogurek

    Great article Marco and thanks for all the info and media Ole and Marco! So much coming in 1.0 I don't think I can handle waiting. I guess I'll have to freeze myself until its released...
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  12. Alberto Caessa

    Alberto Caessa

    Zandvoort! :inlove: Great to see some more historical tracks as well, and for free! KS spoil us.

    That footage of the Ferrari 312T though... is that FMOD? Because the engine sounds are just as synthetic as they are now, and bear no resemblance to the actual sound of that car (true of many cars in AC). edit: same goes for LaFerrari.

    Thanks for this great write up!
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  13. Joao Alves

    Joao Alves

    The best thing about FMOD is that talented modders can do wonders with it! We know that we have reverb and other nuances in the sound engine now, so the modders can make the cars sing.
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  14. Alberto Caessa

    Alberto Caessa

    They can do miracles even today (elMariachi's Lotus 49 sounds are pure ear-candy), so if indeed FMOD gives them more features to work with then I'm happy.
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  15. MeMyselfAndI


    Can`t complain on the content they added and the free after release was even more than I thought!

    I am to old to say this but.....Kunos Rocks!;)

    Edit: What are the difference between the Scuderia Glickenhaus P4/5 Competizione we already have and the one in the free after release?
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  16. TimeHunt


    Thank you for the great report! And thank you Kunos!

    "As they wanted to keep the cars in one piece, we were not allowed to push the car. Despite that, the feeling on the track, the flow in the corners, the elevation and drops, and the elimination of sight due to those height differences was so good that with the right settings in the game, it’s exactly the same as on the real track. After doing some intense practicing at home, it felt almost natural the first time on the track; it was almost as if it was not the first time there."

    Love to know what "the right settings in the game" are?
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  17. Joao Alves

    Joao Alves

    You can't really claim to have the correct settings for all to use since systems vary so much. The only way to get any PC game setup correctly for your system is to test, tweak, and test again. Though there are quite a few tools to make it easier to do. You can use FOV calculators, create standard paths to benchmark, and that FFBclip & WheelCheck thread on the Kunos forums are all great ways to get the most out of it.
  18. Leonardo Ratafiá

    Leonardo Ratafiá

    wow man, thanks for these info, so that list is official then? sales must be doing very well to give us all that free content after 1.0
  19. MeMyselfAndI


    Hmm is the link to the Facebook page right?
    <mod edit: fixed>
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  20. TimeHunt


    Thanks for that yes I thought with the reference to the elevation and drops, and the elimination of sight due to those height differences that maybe You need the "lock to horizon" option checked in game.
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