Exhaust flames and carlights brighter without post processing effects

Hi everybody,

in my AC options, I always put OFF the post processing effects because for me it's too much FPS loss and I'm not a big fan of those blurred textures.

The only things that I like with post processing are the lights of the car (in front) and the exhaust flames. I have them with post processing OFF but they are not bright enought and the lights in front of the car are grey, it's not nice.

So my question:

is there a possibility to make exhaust flames more yellow and carlights brighter by having post processing effects OFF?

Hope you understand what I mean :)

@Cedric Germain

No, I don't know of a way to increase headlight or exhaust brightness and glare without PP-effects off. However, the 'Glare Quality setting is responsible for said brightness. So if you turn all other options off besides Glare quality, you get bright headlights and exhaust flames, without the other effects which are detrimental to your fps.
With only Glare enabled, the fps hit is minimized. You can try different settings for 'Overall effect quality' to strike a balance between the visual quality and the performance requirement.