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Evolution Time Trial @ Nordschleife

Car: All Race 07 and Evolution [exceptions, WTCC, STCC Rad's and Mini]
Weather:[/B] Dry
Games: GTR Evolution

This event will start when the servers is put up on Saturday and run through Friday.

These are special, fun Time Trial Events. Run the course as many times in as many cars during the week as you like. There is no entry list, posting a lap time in this thread will enter you. As always before a Qualifying session, Good Luck to all and have fun.

RD Club Rules: Click Here
Server and TeamSpeak Passwords: Click Here
Lap Times:
Bob Miley BT2/50 6:06.909

Péter Bártfai Lola BT2/50 6:09.970
Bob Miley BMW E90 Extreme 6:16.268
Gundars Brigis BT2/50 6:18:617
Dennis Phelan BT2/50 6:19.387
Björn Golda Seat Leon Extreme 6:25.216
Dennis Phelan BMW Extreme 6:27.650
Bob Miley Koenigsegg CCGT GTP - 6:37.986
Tobias Liesaus - Chevrolet Extreme - 6.39.381
Michel Belet: Seat Leon Extreme 6.42,586
Björn Golda Koenigsegg CCGT GTP 6:48.533
Dennis Phelan Audi R8 GT1 6:49.740
Michel belet Koenigsegg CCGT GTP 6,53.498
Péter Bártfai Dodge Viper GTSR 6:54.043
Bob Miley Mosler MT900R GTS- 6:58.588
Arunas Linkevicius - Audi R8 GT1 Concept - 7:03.796
Belet Michel Koeningsegg GTP 7.04,996
Dan Varner Chevrolet Lacetti Extreme 7:05.397
Dennis Phelan BMW M3 GTR 7:09.222
Bob Miley BMW Z4 GTR GTC- 7:11.108
Björn Golda Sunred SR21 GT GTS 7:14.195
Bob Miley Formula BMW - 7:20.111
Dan Varner Corvette C5R GTP 7:21.228
Dennis Phelan Aston DBRS9 GTC 7:21.703
Bob Miley Caterham CSR 320 7:21.907
Péter Bártfai Caterham CSR 320 7:23.795
Dennis Phelan Formula BMW 7:24.219
Björn Golda Formula BMW 7:26.057
Bob Miley BMW E30 WTCC '87- 7:26.384
Dennis Phelan CSR 320 7:27.123
Arunas Linkevicius - Volvo 240 - 7:27.823
Björn Golda BMW E30 WTCC '87 7:30.044

Dennis Phelan Alfa 75 WTCC '87 7:31.287
Björn Golda Seat Cupra GTC 7:32.818
Péter Bártfai Alfa Romeo 75 7:38.750
Arunas Linkevicius - Audi R8 - 7:48.460
Dave Cerio Corvette C6 GT2. 7:48.567
Dan Varner Vertigo Streiff 7:53.068

Server is UP!

Report your fastest lap in the thread using this format:
"Dennis Phelan Scarini 1:36.375"
and I will transcribe it into this first post in the thread.
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I can't join the room, it says the server might be running a modified or updated game.

Hm... there's an unknown vehicle in the WTCC Extreme class. But I've the rest of the class. I wonder what I'm missing?

edit - I've got four cars in the class. I wasn't able to join the only pub I could find running WTCC Extreme, either.

Other than tracks, I've got the no helmet patch and the F1 Legends and F1 07 car mods.
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Ävver et Hätz bliev he in Kölle
Whoops, same here - had a slight suspicion, though and voilà: It's that 600hp Mini we briefly tried to do Le Mans in, I guess it never got uninstalled from the server, again ;)

So, if you wanna put in some laps, download, install and ignore the mod for the time being ;)


Ävver et Hätz bliev he in Kölle
Alright then, let's get some times/cars/classes out there, did a lap in each GT class + FBMW for some open-wheel diversification ;)

Björn Golda Formula BMW 7:35.427

GT Club
Björn Golda Seat Cupra GT 7:32.818

GT Sport
Björn Golda Sunred SR21 7:14.195

GT Pro
Björn Golda Koenigsegg CCGT 6:48.533


Ävver et Hätz bliev he in Kölle
Two more classes, I think that should be enough cars for the week - still a lot of seconds on the track and you gotta stop somewhere, why not right before considering the F3000 or Cat's :D

Björn Golda Seat Leon Extreme 6:36.112
Björn Golda BMW E30 WTCC87 7:31.968