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"Every Lap Counts" Racing League for the Physically Disabled

Hi Folks,

Welcome to the “Every Lap Counts” Racing League

What is this new league all about? Why was it created? I wanted to create a league for those who are sim racing enthusiasts like myself but have a physical disability that impedes our ability to perform at the highest levels of this esport. It can be very frustrating to deal with not only your own limitations for which you have little to no control at times but then race online with others that cannot or choose not to understand and get upset with you when you make a mistake due to your disability.

In this league, that type of thing should never happen and will not be tolerated because all of those in this league will have some type of physical limitation and can completely understand what can happen at times. We'll all be in the same boat so to speak. While it is true that every race will only have one car finish in first place, just completing a race, just completing every lap that you are able to do in a race is in itself a real Victory for each and every one of us! That’s why I’ve called the league “Every Lap Counts” because for us with physical limitations, this is truly going to be the case.

Being with a small group of fellow race enthusiasts each week that can understand and empathize with our own specific struggles can be a real morale booster too. This league is going to be more about being a community, a place where you can find and be with fellow race enthusiasts that can understand your struggles and encourage and assist you to do your best than being a highly competitive one with a “win at all costs” mentality.

If this sounds like a league you would like to belong to and help others too, then please go to the Discord Channel below, review the league rules, mission statement and then complete the online league application. The incredibly good folks at Simracing.gp have provided us with our own Community Page and 24/7/365 server access. So there is no expense involved with belonging to this league.

I look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you aboard our collective journey together in the “Every Lap Counts” racing league.

Roger (Discord - FriendOfJah)

Discord – https://discord.gg/QMMA7ErBtF