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Eventa Simracing 2015 Launch


Aug 1, 2011

EVENTA SIMRACING is a virtual club for simracing enthusiasts who share the passion of racing. The aim of the team is to build a friendly environment for petrolheads who want to have fun.

The team was founded by a group of students in summer 2004. The creation of the team came as a result of deep interest and enthusiasm towards simracing.

From the very beginning, the team wanted to build an international platform that will reach people and send them our messages of teamwork, perseverance and positive attitude.

In almost 11 years of our existence, Eventa drivers led the team to record-breaking success in various local championships. Still, Eventa's greatest desire was to build a union that will achieve international success.

Many great talents have been adopted into the Eventa DNA and that is the main reason why this organization is targeting itself to become the prime place in international simracing.

Hereby we present you our stars for Season 2015, the great people behind this awesome story that we call EVENTA SIMRACING in 2015:


World Championship

The TS15.FSRWC will be Eventa's entry for the World Championship in 2015.


#9 Dian KOSTADINOV (Bulgaria) (OWNER)

Dian started his simracing career back in 2005 in a Bulgarian Racing League called BgF1. In 2006 he joined Eventa and became leader of the team. Within the next eight years the team had won five domestic championships, and in 2013 Eventa Simracing made the decision to make the step up to join the most competitive simracing league around - FSR.
Last year was a roller-coaster ride for Eventa Simracing. In the early stages of the season, the team struggled to find consistent form and a permanent driver, however, after signing Ville Leppälä, the team started to make steps in the right direction. The team is hoping to apply everything learned from last season to the 2015 season, and thus allowing the talented drivers to show their true pace.
"Everyone in the team is preparing really well and I am very happy to see that everyone has motivation to test, this is the most important thing. We have spent two weeks at Sepang and two at Melbourne, so yes, we are ready for the start of the season."

#10 Francesco BIGAZZI (Italy)
Francesco will make his FSR debut at Melbourne this weekend, racing as Kostadinov's teammate.The Italian showed he had serious pace in SimRacingZone last year, and earned himself a seat in the FSR World Championship for 2015.
"This year is a new challenge, a big one, and i have to thank Dian for this opportunity, it was was an easy choice. I know it won't be easy racing for the first time in FSR straight away in World Championship, but i'm confident things will go well. The target is to have fun, and if i'll have fun then i'm sure the results will come as well."



The EVENTA TS15.PESCARA will be driven by two Italians.


#32 Eros MASCIULLI (Italy)

In 2009, Eros founded Pescara SRT with a friend, winning numerous races in his home country of Italy, as both a racer and team manager. Three years later Masciulli decided to enter FSR, and despite achieving some good results, he learned that testing was crucial and that he couldn't make his way to the top by starting to practice an hour before the race start.
"Unluckily, I did a lot of race testing just 1 or 2 hours before the race and in FSR you cannot be on the top in this way. Last season was just like this and my positions was around top 10 in WC, but I could do more."
"Testing is going well and my target is to fight with championship together with my team mate Michael Francesconi."

#33 Michael Francesconi (Italy)
Francesconi made his FSR debut in 2012 and will be hoping to form an Italian dream team with Eros Masciulli. Check out some of footage of Michael on the track!



Hodas and Partington will drive the EVENTA TS15.LOVELL.


#34 Martin HODAS (Slovakia)

Martin started simracing in 2006 and won 7 drivers championships and 4 constructor championships whilst participating in various Czech and Slovak leagues, before joining FSR last year.
"Last season with P6 wasn't successful for me, so my aim is to improve and deal with my weaknesses from last year."
"Currently we are finishing our preparations for the season opener. With limited time for testing this year, I will rely on work already done last year, which is a good base for the upcoming season.
Hopefully, at the end of the year, I'll not be disappointed with my performance as was the case in 2014."

#35 Mike PARTINGTON (England)
Mike's racing experience started at a young age, playing various racing games, however it wasn't until 2011 that he got a wheel and drove online in the F1 series. After winning multiple races and leagues, he started looking for a bigger challenge and that is when he was told about Formula-Simracing and rFactor2, and so he gave it a go and loved it.
"I joined OSR and the PRO series and managed 6th in my first ever race. By the 5th round, Victor(my teammate) and I were invited to join Eventa Simracing, where I was also given the oppotunity to participate in a WC race and managed 10th place at Hockenheim and my very first WC point."
"For the 2015 Season I will be racing in ACE with the aims of improving my qualifying performaces so to challenge much higher up the field from the start of races. Testing has been up and down but I feel we have a good system here at Eventa to challenge and enjoy our racing on and off the track."



The black and yellow EVENTA TS15.ACE.


#36 Victor IVANOV (Bulgaria)
Victor will be hoping the first race of 2015 will go alot smoother than his debut in 2014. The Bulgarian will partner Mark Aalberts and will be hoping to score some solid points in the Eventa TS15.ACE.

#37 Mark Aalberts (The Netherlands)
Mark makes a return to FSR after a year out and hopes to find his feet again.
"After a sabbatical from last year its good to make a comeback to open-wheel racing again. Last year was a bit focused on endurance racing which resulted in winning the RD VSC2 which i have added on my CV. After taking it easy for a year now its time to gear up again and drive fast cars again. I have done several seasons in FSR going on and off since 2004 and winning some races in the different divisions. My expectations for the first races are not to high yet as i think ACE will be very competitive when i see the drivers list. I think achieving top 10 results are going to be a challenge at itself. I'm happy to join the Eventa clan and looking forward to share the track with them."

SEASON 2014 marked a milestone in the Club's history - not only did the team join the FSR World Championship, but the season also marked the team's 10th anniversary. Eventa's incredible story of 10 hard-fought years to get into the FSR is presented in a fashionable way - with an amazing magazine that you can read online for free: http://issuu.com/eventa.simracing/docs/eventa_ft

After all, Eventa is an incredibly inspirational story about a group of young individuals who in the past 10-11 years have been developing a team that is now a permanent participant in the FSR World Championship and is trying to achieve success.

That team is us. Our name is Eventa Simracing. We're in this together.

Good Luck for the 2015 Season!​
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