Eventa scoring points in second consecutive race in the FSR WC

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Newcomers Eventa Simracing scored points in two consecutive races in the FSR World Championship 2014 and are now eager to step up their results.

Finland's Aleksi Uusi-Jaakkola finished 9th in Sepang and scored 2 more points for the team. Eventa was in the points in Sakhir as well when Carlos Martin took the second car home in 8th place.

In Sepang Uusi-Jaakkola did an impressive lap in its debut qualifying session and started the race on second position. He was able to keep that position at the first part of the race but due to mistakes, he lost some ground later on. At the end of the race he had brake failure and finished in 9th place.

The Finn made a great impression in the team, because he was very competitive even though he didn't have much practice. He will miss the next race due to personal arrangements and Eventa will be looking for a replacement

Race in Sepang was won by French Morgan Morand for Crown7Netrex team. This is his second consecutive win for this season.

"Start was pretty good and I was able to keep my position, - told Uusi-Jaakkola after the race. - After couple of laps Bono tried to pass me, but perhaps he lost his rear or something. I felt little bumb in the exit of T2. After that my stint was pretty good, but then on L13 I made big mistake and lost too much time there to fight for better postitions.

"Also I failed at my pitstop and got some collision there also which was my fault. Apologies to the guy who was involved there. After that, second stint was better and I found a good rhythm and kept driving clean.

"At second stop I lost 15 seconds, because of damage repair. I didn't know that rFactor will take it automaticly, so I lost there a lot of time.

"Pit 3 was better and got pretty short last stint. I had a couple of overtakes and were aiming for P6. Unfortunately, I lost my brakes in the final lap and tried to avoid car in front and hitted him. I am really sorry for that.

"It was really fun to drive in Eventa and racing in FSR is really clean and professional. Let's see if I race in the future, but still my aims are in the iRacing, at least for this year. Let's see what happens in 2015. Huge thanks to my teammate Dian for helping me and giving me opportunity to try this series for this weekend. Grats to podium and Morgan Morand for awesome race!"


Eventa's main driver and team manager Dian Kostadinov finished 11th, just outside the points. The Bulgarian was running 4th in Sakhir two weeks ago, but 3 laps before the end he DNF due to brakes failiure. In Sepang he had a tough weekend fighting with the tyres.

"Race start was good, - said Kostadinov. - I didn't expect that good start, because I used 1st gear, but managed to win 2 positions. That first stint with medium tyres I had to do 12 laps before I pit, but those tires were very bad, every brake point I missed it or lock up, everything was against me.

"I did few mistakes and was overtaken by 3 drivers. After 1st stop right after pitlane at braking for T1 I was hit by Paolini and got damage. After that I tried to push with hards but again did mistake and lost 10 sec and few places.

"When I dive in the pits for 2nd time to put mediums I did good stint and for last stint also with mediums. Then I made another spun which cost me 9th place after problems of Aleksi and Patrick.

"I finished on unsatisfing 11th position. This was a very bad weekend for us where we showed pace in practice, but I don't know what went wrong during first two stints.

"I want to thank Aleksi that he accepted my request to join in the team and for the incredible race. If he had more practice with this mod, he could fight for the win. Congratulations and to the winner Morgan Morand, great race mate! Maybe more luck will come in the next race."


The team of Eventa gave chance to a couple of drivers before the start of the season, but a couple of them withdrawn at the very last minute, so it was a tough start of the team's campaign. Nevertheless, Eventa was very close to a nearly-perfect start with Kostadinov running 4th in the first race, but retiring after a brake failure just moments before the end of the race. Now in Sepang similar situation stole the team chances of scoring valuable points. Formula 1 TV presenter and founder of Eventa Trayan Sarafov reckons this is just a bad momentum.

"We are proud with Dian, Aleksi and Carlos for what they did in the first two races, - Sarafov recalls. - We have to examine the facts and what we have now is two point finishes in the first two races. We brought both our cars home for the first time in our second race and our pace is very promising. That's not a bad start to our debut season, isn't it?

"But of course we are not here to fight for low Top 10s. All of our drivers are extremely intelligent and fast drivers. We can quickly turn things around and we believe in ourselvs.

"Big congratulations to Morgan Morand and the whole of Crown7NetRex team for what they did in those two races. Thanks also to the whole FSR community for the warm welcome. We are proud to be alongside all these great simracing organisations. Eventa is definitely looking forward to the next race."
Third round of the Formula SimRacing World Championship will be held on the 18th of May. Eventa is currently 8th in the team's standings with 6 points.


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