Event ideas

Aug 28, 2008
I had an idea, that since the rFactor events are few and far between and the themes of rFactor are so different I was thinking we could split it up into a poll every week and then there could be different propositions.

So e.g. one week it would be a poll between:

  • WCORR trucks at Chula Vista
  • Toyota Supra at Suzuka/Sugo
  • RallyCross at Brands Hatch RX
  • Porsche 997 at Barcelona

You can add your own.

Hopefully it could increase signups.

Then the event with the most votes is set up and the losing propositions can sit over a week or two and then be tossed.

Rob Every

May 31, 2008
Keen on rallycros certainly, was in on the mod from the start and that track and those cars have special memories for me.