European Truck Sim 2: Mystery Location Teased

SCS Software have revealed a mystery teaser video from an upcoming new map expansion for the sim - but can you tell where it is?

Featuring the worlds most unruffled and rigid man on a horse, the new trailer certainly doesn't give much away in terms of location detail or information, however that sort of challenge has never been one to stop our intrepid RaceDepartment community from making a guess or two...

With a new location having been in the works in the background at SCS Software for quite some time according to the developers, the time is getting nearer for a full reveal of what players can next expect to enjoy within the rapidly expanding title. Although not quite ready to spill the beans just yet, SCS have sent into the wilds this curious new teaser trailer... leading many to wonder, just where is this new expansion going to be set?

Let the guessing begin!

European Truck Simulator 2 is available now for PC.

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Dec 12, 2011
Will the horse and carriage be available to purchase and carry some cargo? :p

Richard Hessels

Jul 23, 2008
Of all the great screenshot i have seen of this game and all it's DLC's, i rarely see people in it. Like all streets look like they have been abondened by every living soul, only cars that move around.


Oct 27, 2011
No such churches in Bulgaria. Roumania 100%..but the music is Bulgarian (the bagpipe and so on). What the...?