European Truck Sim 2 Build 1.26 - Open Beta Released

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    ETS 2 Upgrade Shop Improvements.jpg
    SCS Software have released build 1.26 of their European Truck Simulator 2 title into open public beta prior to the full public release, bringing a substantial rework of the current France map, updates to the upgrade shop and other new features and enhancements.

    As is the usual process with an SCS update, build 1.26 of ETS2 has spent several weeks in closed beta testing before a final public beta release. The public beta is still not quite a finished representation of what players can expect to find come final release, however this update is significant in the fact that it does add a first look at some interesting new features brought to the sim for the first time. Build 1.26 adds the first look at the upgrade to the France region of the European map, adding "new models, new intersections and use of higher resolution textures in many places" as well as a complete rebuild of Paris, significantly improving and expanding the famous French city in ETS2.

    Other new features of ETS2 build 1.26 include more options for add-on transmissions, allowing players "new opportunities to play with the ratio between engine and wheels". Further to the upgrade shop & truck browser search tool, build 1.26 highlights also include tweaks to how AI and in game costings are calculated and upgrade to the Blender tools for modders of the game (brief video below)

    European Truck Simulator 2 Build 1.26 Change Log

    Main Features

    • Old Parts of France Were Reworked
    • New Transmissions for All Trucks
    • Upgrade Shop & Truck Browser Search Tool
    ETS 2 New Trans.jpg

    • Adjustable interior FOV per truck
    • Added parking difficulty (preset option included)
    • Truck repair/refuel performed by hired driver costs money, included in logs
    • Added informational dialog showing when game detects upgrade or downgrade
    • Added pounds + short tonnes as weight unit option
    • Better trailer air pressure simulation
    • Low air warning should only be active with running engine
    • Revised rolling resistance computations
    • Hired driver use the very same formulas for eco skill as the player

    • Changed map parameters (climate_profile, map_data)
    • Moddable interior camera zoom parameters. (speed, factor)
    • 1 degree rotation on Ctrl + R, 90 degree rotation on Home
    • Merged editable sign and sign dialog
    • Refresh sign template and its model from content browser
    • Added letter-spacing to sign editor
    • Store content browser navigation history
    • Support for day/nigh effect switching and child hookups for lod_model_hookup_u
    ETS 2 France DLC .jpg

    European Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator are available to purchase on the Steam platform right now.

    Like big riggin'? Check out the European Truck Simulator 2 sub forum here at RaceDepartment to discuss the game with your fellow truck driving fans. If European roads aren't your thing, you could always pop on over to the American Truck Sim sub forum and get your fill of driving in the good old U S of A!

    Have you tried the new (public beta) update for European Truck Sim 2? What do you think of the update? Looking forward to the Vive La France DLC expansion? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. M D Gourley

    M D Gourley

    ETS2 is a welcome diversion to my normal fast paced Racing Sims with a more relaxed driving experience, much so I actually did fall asleep at my Thrustmaster T300 wheel on one long late night haul...shhh, don't tell anyone....LOL
    I especially like that you can map everything in the Cockpit, lights - hign beam, low beam, dash illumination, indicators etc etc the list is long which make for a more realistic Sim driving experience....which can put most Racing Sims to shame.:)
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  3. Paradox47


    • Adjustable interior FOV per truck
    Game from 2012 and only in 2016 they add adjustable FOV. Unbelievable!
  4. RinusDirtRally


    That is normal. Truck Sim was first a game for casuals, but more and more hardcore simracers picked up the game, thus the developers has to innovate the game.
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  5. snyperal


    They've done really well with continued support and upgrades. If this was EA sports it would be trucking 2016 and 65 quid every time you use a Ferry.